Partnership Appointment Letter

Partnerships are important and are made to help all parties concerned. Much thought is put into this and only those individuals and businesses are chosen who the business thinks will help them out. When working on any area of a partnership it is important to be professional so that the other party can see your seriousness. A partnership appointment letter is an important part of any partnership.

What is a partnership appointment letter?

When you have decided to work with another business you will send them a partnership request letter that requests them to consider the merge. If they have agreed they will send you a partnership confirmation letter. You will then create a partnership appointment letter stating that the partnership has begun. The letter will state how to proceed further towards fulfilling this aim.

Importance of a partnership appointment letter:

A partnership appointment letter shows the concerned partner that the partnership has begun. The letter can be kept for legal purposes and be consulted whenever needed. It is a professional way to show that parties have started working with one another. The letter is also used to give information on what needs to be done next.

Tips to create a partnership appointment letter:

You need to show the other party that you are professional and that they will not regret working with you. Therefore, make the letter have a professional format. You can keep in mind the following tips when creating it:

Select an application to type it:

The letter should not be written by hand but must be typed. You need to choose the best application to do this. Microsoft Word is good here. Select a formal font that is a good size and can easily be read.

Write on the letter-pad of the company:

The letter should be written on the letter-pad of the business. This further gives it a professional look.

Follow a format:

Select a good format to follow which will show that the letter is a serious one.

Your details:

Begin by stating who the letter is from. The sender’s name, address, phone number, email ID can be given. After this, you will add the date.

Recipient’s details:

Give the name, designation, company name, full address, phone number of the recipient.


Add a subject line as this helps the reader know exactly what the letter is concerned with. They will be prepared for what comes next.

Address the recipient:

You need to address the reader in a respected manner. You can do this with “Dear” and then their name.

Arrange in paragraphs:

The letter should be simple to read and follow. You must arrange it in logical paragraphs. The first paragraph will state that you are pleased to announce that your company and the recipient’s company have decided to work in a partnership. Give the date for when this partnership will be effective. In the second paragraph state that you request a meeting to discuss details and terms and conditions for the partnership.

You will give the date that you want this to occur and inform the recipient to provide you with a date they will like the meeting to be held. You may have attached a draft partnership agreement that the party can look at and approve. State this fact. The final paragraph can state that if the recipient has any questions or suggestions, they can contact you. Give the details of where they should do this.

  • End the letter: End the letter with “Yours sincerely”. You will then include your signature, name, and title or position.
  • Use understandable and polite words: The words you use should be simple to understand by the concerned party. Make the letter short and only include those points that are needed.

Final Words:

A partnership appointment letter is a serious one and you need to write it in such a way that its seriousness is conveyed. Type it in Microsoft Word and choose an appropriate font here. The letter should be precise and professional. The other party must want to agree to what you have suggested and should wish to work in a partnership with you. Give a good impression by not having any grammatical errors.

Sample Letter

Dear Mr. Steven,

I am writing this letter to formally appoint your company ABC Limited as our partner for the manufacturing of XYZ product.

As per our correspondences over the last few months, we have analyzed that co-producing XYZ will yield beneficial results for ABC Limited as well as our company. The efficiency of the product will increase, costs would fall, profit generation would be high, and as XYZ is only being produced by the two companies in the market, ABC Limited, and our company, this partnership would reduce the competitive pressure as well.

After this partnership, our company and ABC Limited would share all the expenses and profits in a 50% ratio. As decided, our production unit will be closed, and as your unit has extra capacity, our workers would work in your unit, but they will remain our employees. We are attaching the contract copy with this letter for you to go through properly before we sign the deal.

We are glad to make this partnership with ABC Limited. As a recognition of this new chapter, we have arranged an announcement party, in which our board members are invited, so that we can formally announce the partnership appointment as well as sign the formal contract. We will be honored if you and your board members will join us on 5th July 20XX at [X], at 8:00 pm. We are attaching the invitation cards with this letter. Kindly, extend our invitation to all the relevant people.

Looking forward to a wonderful partnership. Thank you.


Martha John.

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