Parents’ Consent Letter to Send Child to School after COVID

The pandemic affected people across the world and the way they used to do everything. Countries were bound to impose lockdown and other restrictions to ensure social distancing. In an attempt to make everyone adopt distancing, almost every school in the world shifted to online mode from physical classes. However, with the introduction of a vaccine, things are now reverting to normalcy. Now, schools have also opened and children are being asked to come back to school to resume the regular educational process.

What is the parents’ consent letter to send a child to school?

This is a letter that parents write to the school to let the school know that they are sending their child to school with their consent and no one has forced them to do so. Since the process of vaccination for kids has not started yet, parents are required to cooperate with the school and assist it in continuing the educational process once again. For this, they are required to write a letter to the school that not only depicts their consent but also shows that they are willing to lend their support to the school.

Importance of writing the consent letter:

The consent letter from parents in the time of pandemic is proof that school has not forced the parents to send their child to school. This way, the school secures itself. The consent letter also tells that the parents of the child are willing and they will not pin blames on the school (following all SOPs) if their child contracts the virus.

The school generally sends a letter to parents and asks them to send their child with the consent letter. The guidelines for writing the letter are provided by the school. Some schools also send a template to make it easy for parents to write consent letters.

How to write a consent letter?

It is a huge responsibility on the shoulders of the parents to send their children to school and ensure their safety. Many parents are apprehensive about openings of the school and sending their child to their school. However, they cannot stop the learning process of their child if they want him to excel in the world. If parents can write the consent letter perfectly, they are likely to ensure the safety of their child more. Below are guidelines for writing an effective consent letter.

Follow the guidelines of the school:

It has been told earlier that this letter written in the time of pandemic is usually written in response to the letter sent by the school with the guidelines that parents need to follow for writing the permission letter. The school expects the parents to write the letter in a proper format because, with this, there is very little chance for parents to miss out on any important information. When parents write the letter, they should make sure that they mention the school’s letter as a reference.

Give the permission statement:

In this letter, the parents should clearly state that they are allowing their child to go to school for regular classes. They should mention the grade and section of the school also in which their child is enrolled. They need to ensure that they permit without ambiguity. For example, it is not recommended to write those parents are allowing their child to go to school for only one week because it will bring ambiguity in the mind of the reader.

Write your expectations:

Parents have lots of expectations from school due to which, they allow their child to go to school. They can write those expectations so that the school also takes the responsibility of taking care of their child. Parents can tell the school that they expect it to follow all the precautionary measures that will help curtail the virus. In addition to it, parents should discourse the regulations the state has imposed on the schools regarding the safety of the children. Also, encourage the school for opening and showing concern about student’s future.

Sample Letter

Dear Principal,

I am writing this letter to show my consent to send my child, Ross William, Nursery Red, to the school after it reopens physically on 1st July 20XX.

I have been dubious about my decision when the government announced the reopening of all the educational institutions. However, after the school arranged the school visit for the parents to analyze the school’s strict adherence to the needed SOPs, it became easier for me to make up my mind. In addition, now, all our family members, including the elderly, have been vaccinated against COVID-19 as well. I believe we must take a step towards normalcy, which is why I have finalized my decision to send Ross to the school.

As per the school’s requirements, I am sending this consent letter as well as the copies of the vaccination cards of our family.

I hope that the school will continue following the proper SOPs. I will ensure that all the instructions provided by the school are followed by me as a parent, including sending the wipes, sanitizer, and masks with my child. I am ready to provide any cooperation that the school seeks.

Thank you.


William Johnathan.

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