Strict Email on Quality Negligence

Quality of work is something no organization wants to compromise on. When employees don’t work up to the mark, it shows they are negligent towards their work. Companies use different strategies to handle such employees. These strategies are very effective in making employees respondent and active towards their jobs. One of the best ways is to write a strict letter or email to them letting them know about the seriousness of the matter.

What is a strict email on quality negligence?

It is a type of email sent to the employee who has compromised on the quality and put the name of the company to shame. In this email, the employer sends a warning to the employee which is rather harsh for an employee.

Why is a strict email written?

No employer wants to write a strict email as it compromises the relationship between him and the employer. However, at times it gets inevitable to write to the employee strictly. Oftentimes, the email in the firm tone is written after sending so many emails in a soft and requesting tone. When the employer notices that all his emails are falling on deaf ears and the employee does not seem to improve the quality of work, the authoritarian email is written.

Tips for writing the strict email:

  1. Don’t use harsh or unprofessional language just because you want to sound unending and firm in your tone.
  2. The letter should specify how the employee has shown negligence and what evidences you have in support of your claim. If you have received complaints, mention the sources of the complaint. However, you don’t need to mention the name of the person who has lodged the complaint. 

What is the purpose of writing the firm email to the employee?

We often see that the employee does not take his work seriously or he only focuses on delivering the work within the specified time. The quality of work he does is not on his priority list and therefore, he often compromises the quality. When he receives the strict email, he comes to know that he needs to focus on the quality as much as he focuses on delivering the work. In this way, he will stop showing negligence from his work.

It is not easy to write a strict email to employees as it might hurt them. However, an employer was compelled to write it. Writing in an unbending tone does not make it necessary for you to get harsh. Rather, you can use appropriate wording to communicate your message while being kind at the same time.

Sample email:

It has been brought to my notice that you are behaving diligently and professionally. I have received so many complaints about the work you submit. You are either not having the understanding of how important it is to submit quality work or you are completely careless towards your job. Due to your negligence, the company is going into loss.

We often receive complaints from our customers too due to which, our loyal customers are leaving us. If you are not serious with your job, you can talk to your immediate supervisor and discuss your problems with him. I have sent you many other emails in the last few months concerning your poor performance. We have also given you the option to get training from your supervisor. However, you did not pay any heed to this offer also. This shows how serious you are with your job.

After seeing the number of years, you have given to our company and your performance record, we have decided to give you another chance to improve the quality of your work. You are being warned to improve your quality of work and get yourself trained by your supervisor so that you don’t have to face such a situation again.

If you fail to perform your job well and show conformance to the standards of quality of work set by our company, the company will have a complete right to terminate you from your job without giving you any prior notice.


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