Warning Employee for Cigarette Smell

Many people have an allergy that triggers the smoke of cigarettes which is the reason, organizations these days try to make everyone follow the policy of a smoke-free environment at the workplace. Some people are also allergic to the smell of the cigarette. They don’t like to interact with people who smoke and don’t bother to get away with the smell.  Therefore, coming to a workplace with a bad smell is considered a violation of rules, and organizations take various kinds of disciplinary actions against such employees.

What is the warning letter to employees for a cigarette?

It is a kind of a formal letter that is written to criticize the employee who smokes at the workplace. Smoking is not a need but a luxury. Therefore, a strict policy can be devised in the company to prevent smoker employees to disturb others with the smoke and smell. Employees who smoke usually unpleasant tobacco smell that other people find to be very unpleasant.

Why it is important to write a warning letter about the bad smell of cigarettes?

A person working in any company has to interact with different people in his day-to-day activities. Therefore, he should make sure that he does not give a bad smell. Those who smoke cannot prevent this smell until they brush their teeth. At the workplace, it is not possible to brush teeth frequently. Therefore, employees are expected either to not smoke at the workplace or keep the smell of cigarettes at bay by taking different measures.

When employees don’t meet the expectations of the employer, the employee writes him the warning letter and criticizes him.

How to write the warning letter for cigarette smell?

If you also struggle writing a warning letter to your smoker employees, the tips given below are for you:

  • Tell how you noticed the smell:

You know that you cannot write a letter that is not based on facts. So, you have to tell that what made you know that the employee being warned gives the bad smell of tobacco. You can specify that when you noticed that smell or who complained against him. This will make your points stronger.

  • Reiterate the company’s policy:

To emphasize more on the policy of the company regarding the bad smell, you can explain it again in the letter. Also, explain that the company’s reputation is compromised when its employees are not serious about their work and basic ethics.

  • Mention the consequences:

Your employee must know that what can happen if he does not take steps to prevent the bad smell of cigarettes while he is on duty.

Sample warning letter:


Name of the employee
Address of the address of the employee

Subject: Warning for cigarette smell at the workplace

Dear Mr. Johansson,

I have got complaints from many customers that you give bad cigarette smell. As a sales representative, it is not a good idea to smoke at the workplace and then interact with customers. It is not the policy of the company to bear with those employees who have a very unprofessional attitude and don’t bother to keep themselves clean and free from bad smells. You have been given many verbal warnings before about this issue. However, you paid no heed to them. It is also mentioned in your employment contract that maintaining cleanliness is a must. For your convenience, I am reiterating here that any worker with a cigarette smell will not be tolerated.

Please consider this letter as a formal warning letter from the company. You are expected to come to the workplace with proper cleanliness measures. If you feel the urge to smoke, take different measures to keep the smell at bay. I do not want to receive this type of complaint ever again from any of the customers as it is very embarrassing for me to bear with such types of complaints.

I hope that this warning letter will help you understand that smoking at the workplace is not justified in any case. If you don’t understand this problem and keep giving cigarette smell, I will have to take some other kind of disciplinary action as this action of yours poses questions on the integrity of the company.


Name of the sender


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