Student Grade Books

Grade Books

Student grade book means results of the courses taken by students through examination. Grading is a recent phenomenon in the world of education. It is a process of professional judgment. This grade book shows the curricular activities of the student.

Student grade book is the best means of communication between parents and the teachers about the performance of the child in the academic activities throughout the year. The future success of the students very much depends upon the grade they obtain. This record also helps to motivate the students for better results. Good grades encourage the students for the continued learning process. It provides them the feedback on their own education.

Why Do We Need a Grade Book?

The main purpose of the student’s grade book is to show the quality of their curricular activities. The grade book is a judgment of the student’s learning skill. Through this process, the student’s learning skills are converted into grades. And it gives the brief description of student’s performance and achievements. Teachers know their students work better than others so grading is the best way to show what their students have learned. In which subject they are good and in which subject they are weak.

Different things affect the student grades, for example, the cultural differences, family background, lifestyle and student’s behavior. Those students who have non-serious behavior generally do not achieve good grades. Even the student’s handwriting can affect the teacher’s judgment and grading.

Getting low grades sometimes cause depression among students and they withdraw their studies instead of working hard. In fact, grading is a source of healthy competition among students. They try to compete to get good grades.

Their future success depends on good grades. The grade book is the pillar of student’s future success. As: “Don’t let a bad grade define who you are or what you will become, work hard and get good grades.” In short today the success of an individual tomorrow will be the success of a country and nation. Education is the best way to groom and improve a person’s personality. Grading can be motivating as well as demotivating for students. Even today, some countries like Japan do not encourage the grading system as they consider it to be a demotivating factor is student’s life.

Following is given a student grade book template along with each student’s performance report worksheet. This template is very good tool for the academic institutes and especially teachers who want to keep a record of a student throughout the academic session. Different snapshots given below will help you understand about this template if you still have not downloaded it.

Sheet-1 Gradebook

This sheet is used to record all the grading information of a student. A performance bar highlights and evaluates the performance of a student.

Student Grade Book Tempate

Sheet-2 Student Summary

Student summary sheet prepares a performance report card for each individual student. You can print the report for each student separately or can do it for all the students at once.

Sheet-3 Grading Criteria

Set grading criteria according to your own requirements. It is advised to get started with this sheet to set things before you actually work with student grade allotment.