Price Comparison Sheet

When you feel the need to compare the price of multiple items, all you need to do is make price comparison sheet. For a businessman, the price comparison sheet is very useful. When a business offers a number of packages and products with different price ranges, making a price comparison sheet will be the best strategy to attract customers.

What is a price comparison sheet?

Price comparison sheet is a document in which the comparison between the prices of the same product sold by different vendors is made. Once the complete comparison sheet is prepared, the person saves himself from the hassle of going to different outlets to determine which will be the best offer.

A price comparison sheet is a document that allows the user to compare prices of different items from different vendors. This list is in tabular format, making it easier to do the comparison between the offered prices of the vendors.

Uses of price comparison sheet

This price list is not only used for comparisons, but it also allows the user to get a good idea about where he stands in the market. Because of this list, the person can compare the prices of the items his company offer and the prices pertaining to the market by his competitors.

This tool can be useful enough while doing the competitive analysis of the market. Furthermore, this list can prove to be helpful in the bidding process. A person can enter the details of prices of vendors from whom he can buy the items and then can compare them. This enables him to make more cost-effective decisions.

How to make the sheet?

In order to make a good or effective price comparison sheet, first of all, the users have to write the title of the price comparison sheets. This sheet is made in the form of columns and each column should refer to each vendor.

On the left-hand side, the names or IDs of the items should be mentioned. This makes the sheet easily readable and understandable. The list of items to be analyzed in the documents should be added in the first column of the table. Once the details of items are added, the pricing and vendor details are added. Each column of each vendor can further be divided into three columns, one for the ID or name of the item, another for the quantity and the last for the price per item. In this way, a better comparison can be drawn out.

This comparison sheet enables the user to calculate the exact price of each product or the price offered by each vendor. At the end of the comparison sheet, some other details like shipping costs or the duties should be added so that the total amount can be calculated.

Preview and details of the template

Price Comparison Sheet for Excel

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What are the benefits of price comparison sheet?

  1. The price comparison is appropriate usually for those people who want to buy a product on appropriate rates.
  2. It is a great tool that can be used to perform the evaluation of different products to know about the best option to spend money on.
  3. It enables the buyer to find the most reasonable deal in the market to buy a specific product.

The price comparison sheet shows the result in the form of bar chart. Displaying the bar chart gives instant result about the prices of the products. If you have a tight budget and want to spend money wisely, the price comparison sheet is for you. It consists of a number of columns.

These columns are used to enlist the items to be compared and their prices in the next column. The price comparison sheet also tells about the shipping cost of each item which you can also include in the total price of the item to know how much it will cost you

Price comparison sheet template:

The price comparison sheet is prepared in MS Excel format. This sheet has many pre-defined formulas that help the user in making comparison and drawing the conclusion. The template of the price comparison sheet is easy to customize due to which you can easily add the items and their prices and make the comparison the way you want.