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For newborns and babies, sleep is a crucial part where they gain and retain their energy and rest. Usually, newborn babies sleep for up to sixteen to seventeen hours and as the baby grows, he/she sleeps for about three to four hours at a stretch. The baby when grows also sleeps more during the night and less during the day, this is his/her way of developing his/her own sleep cycle. Although nature plays a hand in the development of the sleep cycle, parents need to extra careful as well to maintain the natural sleep cycle of the child.

To ensure this, a child sleep diary should be made which documents everything from how many hours did the baby sleep to at what time did he/she sleep or wake-up. a sleep diary, apart from the obvious use also helps the parents in making the right choices to help their baby distinguish between night and day. This is when a baby reaches a certain age [6 months].

The sleep diary should consist of a column or some space that is just specified for notes that the parents might want to take. These notes can include observations regarding the behavior of the child during sleep and whether or not did the child take the time to sleep. Also, mention whether or not you find your child to be tired.

You can even dedicate a column or some space to noting down how many times did your child wake up during the day or night? Make sure that you show this sleep diary to your pediatrician on a monthly basis where she/he will better guide you.

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