Student Disciplinary Warning Letter

Letter #1

Re. Warning Note with Reference to the Case of Misdemeanor and Irregularity

Mr. Ferdinand,

This letter serves as a warning letter from the administrative authorities of Capsule of Excellence School, California, USA. It was reported to the administration branch that you have been involved in unhealthy activities like behaving like hooligans in the class and disrupting the classroom ambiance of conducive and effective teaching and learning. I inquired about the matter to the other teachers and they were of the same opinion about you.

This letter has been sent to you as a disciplinary warning as your demeanor does not accord with the code of conduct policy of Capsule of Excellence School 550, I have attached a copy of this for your convenience. You are given one week to mend your ways and behave according to the set patterns in the policy of the schools followed by writing an apology note to Mr. Ronald Capri, your Physical Sciences teacher.

Moreover, you are advised to take this warning letter’s gravity which will be followed by disciplinary action against you if such demeanor of you does not appear to be observing rules and regulations. Additionally, I am also directed to inform you about the attendance criteria of the school according to which a student needs at least 85% attendance to take the final exam or pass out. You are advised to be regular otherwise you will be shortlisted as an irregular candidate who will not be able to take the exam or pass out.

Please find the important paperwork enclosed and write to me at [email]. Thank you.


Jessica Elia
The capsule of Excellence School,
Y-11, City Skies, Zero Turner Road, California, USA

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Letter #2

Re. Warning on the Misconduct with the Teachers and Administration 

Dear Stephen,

This is Emily Watson from the School of Physical and Biological Sciences (SPBS), Executive Block Branch, California, USA. I received a shocking report on student conduct management who has reported me on an urgent response that your conduct has not been well in the classroom with not only your teachers but also with other fellows and senior members of the administration department. The report indicates that your code of conduct has been under observation for two weeks and it has been found very disruptive and crumping.

These kinds of compliments were never expected to be labeled for a student like you. I always considered you as one of the brightest and most decent students at the school, but the report has compelled me to think otherwise.

I am very disturbed by this report and all the observations being laid down. According to the rules and regulations set to make sure the school’s functionality smooth and proper, I am hereby writing this letter to serves as a warning note. You have been allotted a time of one week to look into your behavior and set the demeanor according to the rules and moral standards.

Also, write an apology to Mrs. Luc Trace from Biological Sciences Block and Mr. Salvatore from the Administration department confessing your condemnable code of conduct and making them sure that you will observe the policy standards of the student code of conduct.

I am hoping for a response email from you at [email] or call me at +[X]. Thank you.


Brooklyn Camille,
School of Physical and Biological Sciences (SPBS)
Stipend Lora, D Avenue, California, USA

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