Contract Expiry Reminder Letter


Re. Reminder to the Contract Expiry with Reference to the Contract/Agreement No. 7809/C with MOLED-Call Project

Dear Camille,

This letter serves as a reminder of the business contract which was signed between SIGMA Standards and Novel Silicon Group. The host of the contract which is Novel Silicon Group officially notifies you of the expiry date of the contract which is 12-02-20XX.

The contract which was signed to provide consultancy and IT services to your company on 12-12-20XX. The tenure of the contract was two months providing tentative extensions on the professional agreement fee. We have almost completed and accomplish the MOLED-Call Project which was signed in this contract. The deadline for the mentioned task was 31st January 20XX and I am elated to share that we are before the deadline and have completed 95% of the task.

We extend our reminder letter to a proposal for the renewal of the contract. If you wish to continue enjoying our services and looking forward to taking this mutual endeavor forward, we are up for new packages that be outlined for your company. We have accomplished the aforementioned project and need your approval for further work on this. If you will give a positive gesture, then our team will start working to outline new packages for you on the new policies and potential ideas.

Therefore, I request you to respond to this letter at your earliest convenience. Please find the list of possible packages outlined enclosed with this letter which is duly approved by our legal experts and the Federal Board of Revenue of the US.

Moreover, I would thank you for your continuous cooperation, assistance, and very professional collaboration which was ultimately signed to make this project up marked. For more, feel free to write to Managing Director at [email] or ring at +[X]. Thank you.


Samuel Wax
The Manager
Novel Silicon Group
23/A-90 Street 09 Chicago, USA

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Re. Reminding the Soon-Expiring Teaching Contract at Miller Literary Academy with Reference to the Contract Notice 123-01

Dear Oliver,

This is Emily Cromwell from Miller Literary Academy. I am penning to remind you of the expiry of the teaching contract which was signed between you and MLA (Miller Literary Academy).

We hired you for the teaching services of American Novelists to the aspiring students of the academy for a mentioned period of one year. The tenure of the contract that was documented officially was 20-02-20XX to 20-01-20XX. This contract has been ordered not to stretch the contract and stick strictly to the officially documented clauses.

In the wake of the above-mentioned details, I hereby inform you on an official status that your contract is going to end/expire on 20-01-20XX.

The purpose of reminding the expiry of the contract is to make sure that you know that the contract is not extendable and to serve as a message for you to look for other career opportunities for yourself. This contract will be ended by paying you a stipend of $500 as a reward for your services added to your formal salary. This is to remind you that the contract serves no right of pension, health insurance, or any other termination/resignation benefits.

Moreover, you will be given a certificate of excellent services along with an admiring experience letter on the day of your contract-end. In the end, I would love to admire you for your competent work and dedication in your struggle to inculcate and illuminate the minds of the students with American authors and their works. Your services shall always be remembered. For more, please write to the admin at [email]. Thank you.


Emily Cromwell
The Coordinator
Miller Literary Academy
23-C Ad-on Metro Station, Chicago, USA

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