COVID-19 Salary Deduction Reimbursement Letter


Re. Salary Deduction Reimbursement against COVID Package Revised on 12-11-2021

Dear Cromwell,

I am delighted to inform you that the organization has chosen to reimburse the amount which was not paid during the month of November and December 20XX in the wake of revised salary packages due to COVID business shut down and partial decline in the company’s budget and economy.

Looking at the falling business, the company had decided to underpay the employments due to the lowest figures of profitable credits and rising debts. The shares had been withdrawn by the shareholders and the company was on the verge of total closure. Additionally, the partial closure of the business on the federal and state-ordered lockdown along with the situation of slow business compelled us to move to the step of deducing the amounts of payments due to COVID-19.

It would not wrong to say that I am euphoric to decide that in the wake of declining numbers of COVID-19 cases, the state has uplifted the lockdown and permitted the companies to work fully. We have been striving to bring things to their early normal stage which includes the reimbursement of the salary deduction during those unfortunate months.

Therefore, the company along with the Finance Manager’s coordination and the impeccable coalition of IRF has decided to pay 8% extra to be paid in the month of January 20XX to reimburse the lost amount in the form of revised packages. Please visit the Human Resource for further details or write your queries to [email].

I also take this moment to thank you cordially for your previous coordination and enthusiastic cooperation and expect the same pace in the future. Thank you.


Emily Salvatore
The General Manager
34/A, Sight Square, Chicago, USA

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Re. COVID-19 Salary Deduction Reimbursement with Reference to the Notice No. 802B34 Announced by Finance/Account/Employee Aid Cell on 20-10-20XX

Dear Gilbert,

This is Cooper Edward from GHK Group of Companies. With reference to the above-mentioned subject, I intend to inform you that the company is going to reimburse the lost amount in the form of underpayment of the employees during lockdown due to Pandemic. COVID-19 disabled the business which was further complemented by business closure and the marking value of company profit went into negative. When it went to -3.03 then the board of directors decided to deduce the number of salaries of the employees above PV-3 sector.

The unfortunate situation was unprecedented and that is why we kept it without limit and certainty. Now the situation is better with declivity in the COVID-19 cases and the slumping number of active cases in the region. Also, the lockdown has been uplifted since the past twenty days which has given us a chance to get back to the normal routine.

With this normal routine comes your salary which has been subjected to scrutinizing committee of Finance cell who has decided to not only pay according to the pre-COVID-19 but also add it with the reimbursed amount which was happened to deduce to business decline and market closure.

Now the deficit has come up to zero and negative values have been removed by your consistent hard work and enthusiastic dedication to the work.

You are advised to visit the Finance cell for further details and get the reimbursed amount added into the account before 25-01-20XX.

We thank you for your assistance and cooperation during the most needed times and apologize for the inconvenience that troubled you due to the former salary deduction. Contact Mr. JB the Assistant Manager at +[X] for further details. Thank you.


Cooper Edward
The Manager
Sylvia Styles
90-C/A5 Chicago, USA

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