Service Dog Letter From Doctor

A service dog letter from the doctor is a letter, that is written by a doctor, who is treating a patient, and the patient needs his support for attaining or using a service dog. It can be addressed to the authorities, that provide a service dog, or anyone, from whom the patient needs permission to use it.

A service dog, guide dog, or assistance dog are interchangeable terms for a dog, that is specially trained to facilitate individuals with disabilities, to aid them in the performance of various tasks. For instance, a service dog may be helpful in leading a blind person in the avoidance of any sort of hindrances or hurdles.

When a service dog is needed by an individual, the process of qualifying for one, usually, requires a doctor’s letter, which notifies that the patient does require help and assistance. In addition, a doctor’s letter also helps the individual to take the service dog anywhere he goes. However, the service dog needs to have an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) approval.

The individual, hence, requests the doctor to write a ‘service dog letter from the doctor’. The content of this letter may vary from one patient’s scenario to the other’s as well as the purpose of obtaining the letter. However, generally, the following details are included in such letters:

  • Date.
  • Details of the addresser if specific.
  • Details of the doctor.
  • Reference of the patient.
  • Problem or disability of the patient.
  • Why and/or how the patient has that problem.
  • Cure, if possible.
  • Support required by the patient.
  • Requirement of the service dog for the patient.
  • The type of required service dog, e.g., the training type, ADA approved, etc.
  • Doctor’s support and approval for the patient in reference to the service dog.

The letter needs to be valid and accurate. All the information and details present should be correct and up to date. If the letter is fake, and the service dog is obtained on the basis of an invalid health condition and forged letter, the authorities can take legal action against the individual as well as the doctor. Therefore, when a doctor is writing such a letter, he should ensure the patient’s condition qualifies him for a service dog. Further, the patient should make sure that the doctor has the established authority to write such a letter, and the information present in it is correct.

Sample service dog letter from doctor

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter to show my support to Mr. Anderson Smith for using a service dog, as his vision has been impacted permanently, due to his recent accident.

Mr. Smith faced an accident on 1st August 20XX and got badly injured. He was under my treatment and went through major surgeries. He has become better, but his vision has been irreversibly affected, as his both eyes were severely damaged. He cannot see properly, and no laser, or eye treatment, can cure it. I do not even recommend a corneal transplant as well, due to the associated risks, considering his health conditions.

Therefore, I suggest and support him to use a service dog, who has been professionally trained to guide and help blind people. Mr. Smith is not completely blind in the documentation, but he is unable to see anything, near or far, properly.

I allow this letter to be used to show Mr. Smith’s disability anywhere, and to let him use the service dog, which is ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) approved.

Thank you.


Dr. Peter Wilson.

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