Mobile Bill Reimbursement Letter Sample

What is mobile bill reimbursement letter?

A mobile bill reimbursement letter is a letter that is written by an employee and is addressed to the employer of an organization. In this letter, the employee makes a request to the employer to reimburse his mobile bill. In addition, he needs to show his eligibility for this reimbursement, and if he falls in the bracket.

The mobile reimbursement letter is also written in another scenario when the employee does not fall in the bracket of mobile bill reimbursement, but his job requires or required him to make several official phone calls, which costs him a lot of money. As he would not want to bear the expense, he would make a request to the organization to make the reimbursement, even if he is not eligible according to the company’s policy.

Organizations often have a policy of reimbursement of the mobile bills of the employees, especially of those, who have to make the official calls frequently. Some organizations even give the perk of mobile reimbursement to the employees at a certain hierarchical level and above, as a fringe benefit.

Reimbursement policy of a company

The reimbursement, though, has an upper limit, which is different for different hierarchical levels. When an employee reaches the bracket or is eligible for the reimbursement, he would write a mobile bill reimbursement letter to the employer, and request him to release the money, that is owned by the company to him, because of the company’s policy. In this letter, the employee also asks the employer to include him in the category of eligible employees for mobile bill reimbursement, so that he does not have to write the letter every time the reimbursement is needed, and he can only send the bill directly to the finance department for the processing.

The information included in this letter may vary as per the circumstances and the company’s policies. However, generally, the following details are included in such letters:

  • Date.
  • Employer’s contact information.
  • Employee’s contact information.
  • Request for the reimbursement of the mobile bill.
  • Reference to the company policy.
  • Employee’s eligibility for the reimbursement.
  • State the employee’s upper limit, and if the current bill is above or below that.
  • Any special or additional requests.
  • Any attached documents.
  • Request to add in the bracket in the records to make the reimbursement process smooth.

Sometimes, an employee may not be eligible for the mobile reimbursement bill immediately after he gets hired, and once, he becomes eligible, for example after his probation or promotion, he would inform and notify the employer, so that even if his case has gotten overlooked, his letter would bring his employer’s attention toward his eligibility.

Sample Mobile Bill Reimbursement Letter

Dear Mr. Mathew,

This letter is intended to make a request to you for the reimbursement of my mobile bill for the month of July 20XX.

According to the mobile connection policy of our company, an employee can ask for the reimbursement of his mobile bill after the end of his probation period. I have become a permanent employee of ABC Limited on 30th June 20XX, which indicates that from July onwards, I am eligible for this reimbursement category. Based on the policy, and as a marketing assistant manager, I can get reimbursement up to $[X]. My current bill is $[Y], which is less than the allowed amount. I am attaching my current mobile bill with this letter.

Kindly, process my request, and ask the finance department to reimburse my bill completely. Also, I want to request you to add me in the bracket of mobile bill reimbursement in the company records, so that every month, I only have to submit my bill directly to the finance department.

Thank you.


Sarah Wilson.

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