Letter Rejoin after Resignation due to Refusal of a Raise

A letter to ask the employee to rejoin after his resignation due to refusal of a raise is a letter, that is written by the employer of the company. It is addressed to the ex-employee of the organization, who had resigned before because he did not get his request for a salary increase granted by the organization. In this letter, the employer asks the ex-employee to join the company back, even if it is only for a project. He tries to convince the employee by giving him few enticing offers.

The employees often ask the employers for raising their salaries. The request can be accepted or refused, as per the employer’s will and the financial condition of the company. Some employees may get disappointed or get angry and resign from the organization. However, if an employee has special skills, the organization may want to hire him back, especially, if it gets a project, that requires the specialized skills, which are possessed by that employee. The organization would write a letter to ask the employee to rejoin after his resignation due to refusal of a raise.

The information included in this letter may vary from situation to situation, but, generally, the following details are included in the template of such letters:

  • Date.
  • Company details.
  • Ex-employee details.
  • Reference to the employee’s resignation, and its reason.
  • Request him to join back or rejoin for a project.
  • Benefits of rejoining for him.
  • Convince him to join back by showing his worth to the company.
  • Offers, if any, current or future.
  • State date of rejoining.
  • Seek a positive response.

When writing this letter, it is important that it is written in a tone, which reflects the company’s needs, requests, and the employee’s worth in the company’s books. However, at the same time, the ex-employee should not get the impression, that the project cannot be completed successfully without him. Therefore, the content should make him feel important, yet the company should not sound aggressive.

Sample Letter Rejoin after Resignation due to Refusal of a Raise

Dear Mr. John,

I am writing this letter to request you to join back for an opportunity that would make your resume even stronger.

We are sorry that you asked for a raise and then resigned when we did not agree to it. You have always been one of our best employees but we could not afford the raise you were asking for and we still cannot as our company is facing financial issues. We did not want to let you go.

We have got a new project from ABC Limited, and we need the specialized skills for it. You were one of those people, who are experts in handling such projects. The duration of this project is one year and you can continue or leave as you desire after that. Although we cannot still offer you a raise this project would stabilize our company financially and we promise you to offer the increase that you desire after one year.

We are attaching a project brief with this letter. We hope that you will rejoin us as this project would prove to be beneficial for your credentials as well. Let us know if you need any other information.

Looking forward to your response in affirmative. We want you to join us from 1st September 20XX.

Thank you.


Martha Wilson.

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