Salary Negotiation Letter after Job Offer

A salary negotiation letter is a formal letter of communication in which an employee requests the employer to negotiate a salary that has been offered after being selected for the concerned job.

Usually, a candidate waits for negotiating salary until he has been chosen as the right candidate and received the job offer. If an employee considers the salary offer to be less than what is acceptable, he/she usually requests for a raise. The figure quoted is often a little higher than what a candidate actually expects as he/she wants to quote a negotiable figure.

In a salary negotiation letter, it is not necessary that only the salary figure is requested to be negotiated. Rather, the employee can request the hiring party to consider different aspects of the job offer and hence could write various types of salary negotiation letters such as negotiation for the basic pay, commission percentage, yearly allowance, fringe benefits, yearly raise, designation, working hours flexibility, etc.

When an employee seeks a better salary package, he makes use of the salary negotiation letter. The reasons behind negotiating could be manifold such as:

  • The candidate thinks he deserves better.
  • The candidate is already working on a more favorable package but wants to switch.
  • He/she expects a room of negotiation due to him being a fit for the job or the company status. In this case, even if he/she is happy with the offered salary, he/she would still try to negotiate.

When the employee chooses to negotiate after the job offer from the employer, he has to present his case and explain why he deserves a better salary. The employee states and explains his achievements and why he would really prove to be a value-addition to the team and hence deserves better.

After the employee’s request, the negotiation process continues between employer and employee until the negotiated salary and job offer is attained.

Sample Letter




Dear Mr. Gill,

Thank you for offering me the position of ‘HR manager’ at The Wilson’s. I really liked the competent team and the workplace atmosphere during the interview process and I am excited to join the team soon. However, I have some reservations regarding the salary you have offered.

I have twelve years of experience in Human Resource and am currently working as an Assistant HR manager. My current salary is somewhat closer to what you are offering, and I request you to raise it to my expectation level as the offered job is of a Manager which entails added responsibilities.

My HR experience and achievements throughout my career as an HR person makes me a valuable addition to your team. I have management degrees, certifications as well as experience, which is why I was chosen over other candidates and was extended the job offer. I have managed many projects, given lectures and presentations on HR management and served as a trainer to many managers of different companies.

I am happy and willing to serve your company as well but not under the salary that has been offered. According to my experience and expectations, the figure is quite below the industry average. It is also low as compared to the responsibilities attached to this Job. I would be willing to work at a salary of $60,000 a year.

I am willing to negotiate to some extent. I would be looking forward to your reply.


Greg Edison.


Salary Negotiation Letter