Roles and Responsibilities Letter from Employer

A Roles and Responsibilities Letter is provided to an employee, from an employer, to inform him/her about a role or position in the company, for which he/she has been selected, and what the company expects from him/her, as he takes on the new responsibilities. It includes all the details about the designated role and a list of tasks or responsibilities expected to be fulfilled.

A Roles and Responsibilities Letter could be issued to a new employee or to an existing employee who has been promoted or transferred to a new position. The letter is usually sent after, or along with an appointment letter if provided to a new employee. In other cases, it is kind of an announcement of a promotion or a change of duties and role. Mostly, the company’s management is responsible for writing this letter and is sent via email nowadays.

Things to keep in Mind

While writing the letter, the following things should be kept in mind:

Format: The format of the Roles and Responsibilities Letter is the same as any formal business letter.

Tone: the tone of the letter should not be casual but serious and professional.

A new role or Job title: The employer must tell the formal designation of the employee, whether it is a new job or a promoted role, the details about the new position must be included.

Details: The letter must contain details about what the new role demands and what is expected of the employee. Sometimes, all the details of the responsibilities are written in the letter and sometimes a broad outline is provided.

Precision: The accuracy and correctness of the Roles and Responsibilities Letter are of high importance. The designation, dates, salary figures and other information provided in the letter must be accurate

Sample Roles and Responsibilities Letter

2nd January 2020


Subject: Employee Roles and Responsibilities Letter

Dear Mr. Smith,

This letter is to confirm that Mr. Smith has been an employee of ABC Company since 3rd January 2019, currently working as the Assistant Manager in the Research Department. He is employed on a full-time basis in a permanent position.

We have been evaluating and monitoring your performance for the past year and found you a persistent and dedicated teammate, contributing highly to the company’s goals. Based on your efficiency and hard work in the performance, we have decided to reward your efforts by offering you a bigger role with higher responsibilities.

This new role will make you Associate Manager in the Research Department, under the supervision of General Manager Mr. Keith Charles. Your new responsibilities will include leading the market research team of 5 people and conducting marketing training for new employees.

If you accept this new role, your annual salary will be increased by 10%. Also, you will get full dental care coverage, along with a 5% increased house allowance. 

We hope to see the same consistency from you for your new role at ABC Company.

Congratulations, and we wish you luck in the future.


Jane Allen

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