Disciplinary Action Email for Disrespect


Yesterday I received a complaint from the manager on disrespect behavior. I first didn’t notice as I never got such an issue from your side. But today in the morning I saw and heard an abusive language that you were using for the manager. It was quite non-tolerable. I really astonished as I always thought you are a decent guy who knows how to behave in office. But your, today’s behavior convinced me to warn you. Although I am not assigning a strict punishment for you. I will deduct one week’s salary so you will be careful by doing such an act in the future. I hope you will not repeat this in the future.


It is hereby to notify you that you are terminated from the company due to continuous disrespectful behavior for staff members. We are receiving complaints frequently. Although the manager warned verbally you didn’t take it seriously. You are continuously breaking company rules. You don’t have any right to use abusive language and degrade the junior employees. Due to your unethical behavior, the company cannot tolerate and does not want anyone to break the rules. Due to your behavior, the company has decided to terminate you from this job.


I have been reported that you have shouted to the supervisor. My peon saw you talking loudly with the supervisor as well you were using some abusive language with him. I called the supervisor to know the situation and after hearing I am astonished about your behavior; it was purely your mistake. I am sending you this warning. No one in the company can shout and use loose language. It is my first and last warning to you. If we find any such disrespectful act in the future, then you will be responsible for the consequence. Be careful next time.


I hereby notify you that this month half salary will be deducted because of continuous violation of the company’s rule. I warned you verbally but still, I am getting complaints about your disrespectful behavior with employees. It is very bad. You have been working in the company for five years and we never find such behavior from your side. But as you are getting senior your proud and arrogant behavior is irritating others. Your yesterday act with the peon is intolerable and disappointed me a lot. Therefore, I decided to punish and deduct your salary. If you want to be a part of the company in the future, then try to adopt generous behavior.


I am sorry to inform you that the company has terminated you because of continuous disrespectful behavior with the employees. You not only shout, abuse, rather your performance is also getting poor day by day. There is no reason that the company keeps you in management. We sent you three warnings, but you didn’t consider and took the light. Now we cannot tolerate, and you have to leave. Clear all documents, and accessories you are using by the 25th of this month. We will not accept any regret and sorry.

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