Resignation Letter Expressing Disappointment

Different scenarios lead to a change of mind regarding one’s job. As a variety of factors come across that become dissatisfactory or demoralizing. These factors can be due to the environment, due to bosses or due to colleagues.

Initially, the senior management is responsible to keep an eye on issues arising. But, it has been surveyed that professionals usually first try to cope with all the unwelcomed situations leading to dissatisfaction from the job. But, when the things become unmanageable and making one mentally disturbed, people opt for a resignation.

The letter is a formal document which highlights an employee’s concern and disappointment about the job or the workplace. The disappointment leads to resignation in the end.

A resignation letter expressing disappointment can be put in many circumstances. These circumstances are as follows.

  1. When colleagues are troublesome and making fun due to age factor.
  2. When colleagues or bosses defraud on deserved position due to some disability or health issue.
  3. When the late working hours disturbs personal life and health.
  4. When the boss’s behaviors are rude and disregarding.

Thus, all these factors are much disappointing. This disappointment is expressed through a resignation letter when things go out of control. The employee must clearly describe the reason for resignation. Additionally, one can highlight the various measures taken by one to deal and manage with the factor countering to disappointment.

The name of the employee, the name of the supervisor, the name of the company, the date of joining and the desired date to quit must be added in the letter. The letter must be formal and expressive.

A template resignation is attached here.

Sample Letter

This letter has been written to inform you of my resignation from my post as [INSERT DESIGNATION] effective from [DATE].

Unluckily, I am leaving this job due to many unsettled issues at the company which has been instigating me to become frustrated and disappointed with the passage of time. I would state the issues which made me leave the company instantly.

My supervisor has been taking over the credit for all the ideas I present before him during the discussion session. It is extremely hurting seeing him getting advantages for what I advise him the company should do for its betterment.

For example, in our last meeting, you appreciated him for presenting the best of ideas about how to improve our services in the best possible way. That was presented by me in the meeting held under his supremacy.

My fellow colleagues have also been victims of this misconduct, but they do not want to risk their job come what may.

I thought it my responsibility to convey my concerns and the decision of resignation so that you can manage the replacement till the last working day I am here.

Thank you!

Resignation Letter Expressing Disappointment


The letter template

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