Resignation Letter Due to Unhappy with Management

The management of the company is responsible for creating and maintaining the overall structure and controlling the whole environment. Additionally, taking care of the rights of all the employees at the individual level is quite technical.

It requires efficient and effective teamwork. It also requires cooperation from the employees. As a result, collective efforts from both ends bring a dynamic environment. Such an environment adds much to the growth and achievement of desired objectives.

But, in contrast, sometimes the management fails to do all such efforts. The problem lies with the management system in such a case. The management should try to evaluate itself at each level.

The letter is a formal document presented by an employee to the management expressing the grievance and the decision of quitting the job.

If the employees are found to be unhappy with the management, they put a resignation letter. This resignation letter can be written in different cases like:

  1. When management never appreciates the work efficiency and creativity.
  2. When management does not focus on replacement of non-operational pieces of equipment and employees need to manage it personally.
  3. When management focuses least on recreation and extra benefits prescribed in the clauses.
  4. When the management delays the time-based promotions intentionally.

Thus, these are the scenarios which create unhappiness with the management. And results in bringing a resignation letter. This resignation letter includes the relevant names, position, and signatures. The tone of the letter should be formal, communicative and concise. The reason must be conveyed accurately. The efforts made on the personal level to deal with the situations could be highlighted.

A sample is attached.

Sample Letter

This letter serves as my resignation from the post [INSERT DESIGNATION] effective tomorrow. I am highly thankful to you for providing me with the best opportunities to work with your company. This place mended me both professionally and personally for what I will always stay loyal to the company and its confidential information.

I am quitting the job due to favoritism that I experienced while working here. I always tried to do my best whether it was a project or matter of maintaining conduct at the workplace.

But I am extremely grave for the recent injustice practiced by the management. After being appreciated several times for my hard work and professional attitude, I was completely ignored when it came to promotion. Everybody in the office was expecting it to be bestowed upon me but the discrimination ruled. Consequently, I must bid goodbye to the company.

Once again thank you for giving me the chance to work with a team of high professionals as yours.


Resignation Letter Due to Unhappy with Management


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