Resignation Letter because of Personality Clash or Conflict of Values

An employees’ working environment determines the quality and the rate at which they complete their assigned tasks. The type of co-workers, the atmosphere of the work-place, conditions of the objects the employee comes in contact with every day and the work itself greatly impacts the productivity levels of the employees. Providing a comfortable working environment for employees an essential part of the job.

The practices of the organization, in terms of the way they run the company, what they are producing and how they place their products in the market are factors that a potential employee needs to analyze before accepting the job.

If the employee is comfortable in their working environment, their level of work output is expected to be high. This, in turn, means the worker is contented with their work-life. The absenteeism rate, as well as the rate of employees leaving the work-place, stays low as well.

Another aspect of the job an employee accepts is the personal ethics. The employee feels more comfortable in their position when the work-place and their own ethics match enough to not affect the employees work. However, in a job market like the subcontinent, people tend to apply and accept for jobs even though they may not be completely satisfied with their workplace.

Why and How:

It takes time, especially for an individual who is new to the industry, to adapt to the procedures of the company and their own job role. This usually depends on the flexibility of the personality of the employee and also on whether they are new in the industry or have had previous experience in the same role.

There are many aspects of a job where conflicts of values may arise among an employee and the organization, which can be damaging to the working relationship between them. This decreases the levels of productivity of the team, as well as, lowering of self-motivation.

Employees may feel clashes between their personal ethics and the ethics of their work-place. Some of these clashes may be small enough for the employees to overlook. However, sometimes the issues may start affecting not only the employees’ work ethics but also their life ethics. This issue may lead the employee to decide to resign.

A very prominent example is of the banking sector, where interest is at the epicenter of almost every transaction, but also has a negative stigma attached to it due to various religious and cultural aspects. A person who has a strong faith against the concept of interest may have a hard time adjusting in the banking sector.

A universal example is that of the tobacco industry. A person who maintains a strong opinion against tobacco and how the consumption of tobacco is potentially harmful to the human body may find it difficult to work in the tobacco industry.

Below is a sample of resignation letter of an employee who experienced conflicts of values in an organization in the banking sector.

The letter is written by an employee to report the personality clash or the conflict of values he is facing at the workplace to the higher management. Most of the time the letter concludes the job status and it highlights that the employee is quitting the job thus referring to it as a resignation from the post.


Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I have been a part of this organization for the past 8 months. In this time, I have been provided the opportunity to enrich my experience and enhance my skill set, for which I am extremely thankful to the organization.

While I have enjoyed discovering practical aspects of the banking sector, I have reservations regarding a few practices that are essential to the operations of the industry. I have tried to adapt to the industry but have found myself unable to conform to the requirements of my role in the organization.

Therefore, I regret to inform you that I have decided to resign from my post in this organization. This has been a difficult decision for me, but I feel that I will not be able to perform well in this sector.

Kindly accept this letter as my one month notice for resignation.

Thank you for providing me the opportunity to work at this prestigious organization.

Kind regards,

Mr. XYZ.

Resignation Letter because of Personality Clash or Conflict of Values


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