Resignation Due to Job Dissatisfaction

Job satisfaction is a vital factor that counts on the growth of the workplace. It is attributed to a variety of factors like interest level, communication level, cooperation level and many more. But, it is rarely seen that an employee is much satisfied with his/her job.

Almost 60% to 70% of professionals are always found complaining about their job level. Hence, the organization must take notice of this issue. And, it should plan and implement different way outs to attain employee’s satisfaction.

Dissatisfaction at the job level can occur due to a variety of factors. When employee’s expectations are not being met according to the way they desired, the dissatisfaction level starts. Once, the dissatisfaction level is getting up on nerves, employees go for resignation. This resignation can be given in many cases like:

  1. If the employees are not interested in the type of job as they are doing it as a compulsion.
  2. When the salary or income level is not worth the experience and skills.
  3. When employees found no or weightless career growth and career opportunities.
  4. If the company at work is immoral, careless and troublesome.

Hence, a variety of reason can lead to job dissatisfaction which in turn leads to resignation. The letter must not include irrelevant material. Additionally, the reason of dissatisfaction could be stated appropriately. The name of the company, the employee, the manager and the signature and date should be included.

A sample resignation letter is attached as follows.

Sample Letter

Let this letter serve you as my resignation from my post as [designation] in the company. I suffered a lot during the period I was serving in this company due to extreme dissatisfaction & discomfort. I was facing serious stress continuously in one form or the other. Since the time I have been promoted to work as the manager, I am unable to perform my duties well. I am extremely busy all the time in dealing multiple tasks together. I requested you several times to provide me with additional staff from the training department but every time you ignored my demands.

I am now exhausted with all this & want to leave the job immediately. It has badly affected my personal life as well since I am left with no time to spend with my family.

I hereby tender my resignation from the company. Thank you for giving me the chance to work with your firm.



Resignation Letter due to Job Dissatisfaction


The letter template

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