Resignation due to Poor Management

The principles of management provide a successful gateway to keep the appropriate management system of the workplace. The workplace and its employees collectively cooperate and communicate for the achievement of desired targets, goals and objectives. The better the management is, the more successful the work environment will be.

Additionally, the analysis of every aspect is fundamentally important before the development of management systems. Moreover, the process of planning, controlling and coordination need to be dealt with efficiently.

When an unsatisfactory management setup prevails, the employees opt for resignation. A resignation due to poor management can be given in any of the following factors:

  1. When the work hours are extended, and employees are overburdened despite the official work hours.
  2. When no action is taken on those who break office norms and policies. It badly affects the positions of the hardworking employees.
  3. When tasks and assignments are conditioned with a tricky method that becomes unworkable to be accomplished.
  4. When communication and cooperation level is badly disrupted by the managers with their teams.

Additionally, there can be many other poor management factors that contribute to resignation. This letter includes the dates, important signatures, and the name of the concerned supervisor or manager. It also contains the reason and issues faced so far regarding the problem. It can also include the detail of the ending week at work. The letter should be in a polite tone. The company’s name and signature of the employee must also be included.

A resignation template is attached as follows.

Sample Letter

It is with hesitancy that I am submitting this resignation letter. Although my time with the company has been a great deal overall, nourishing & prolific. But for quite a time now I am becoming less contented with the work circumstances here. The inclination of the company & the team with which I am working has become extremely unfriendly to keep up occupying anyway. The innovative goals and the means of achieving them have made it more and more problematic to feel that I am relevant enough.

For that reason, it is with a great pang of guilt that I request you to agree to take this letter of resignation from my side.




Resignation Letter due to Poor Management


The letter template

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