Request Letter to Waive Rental Fee due to COVID

Pandemic has affected the world badly. Everyone is going through an intense financial crisis. In these testing times, everyone needs the cooperation of others. If you are under financial pressure and cannot pay the rent for at least a few months, you can request your landlord to waive the rental fee.

What is a request letter to waive the rental fee?

In this request letter, the tenant humbly asks the owner of the property to waive the rent for this month. Although this sounds to be too much to ask for, the tenant often finds him in the position to ask for this favor especially when the situation is evident. 

Why write a rent waive request letter?

Sometimes, the tenant is not in the position to pay the rent. In this situation, he can either vacate the land he has taken over or ask for a waiver. Vacating the land is not easy as it is a very cumbersome thing to do and most of the time; the landlord also does not want the tenant to go and shows flexibility.

When a tenant feels that he cannot pay the rent of the current month and he should be clear about it, he decides to write the appeal letter to his landlord.

Tips for putting down a persuasive request:

As a tenant, it might not be easy for you to ask for a waive. However, sometimes you are compelled to do so. Even when you have mustered up enough courage to ask for this favor, you will always fear the refusal from the recipient. To avoid a situation in which you have to deal with the refusal, you should try to come up with a professional written and convincing letter. Follow the tips given below:

Describe effects of a pandemic:

Start your letter by describing the impact of COVID on your personal and financial life. If you have been laid off by your company, let the landlord know about it. The effects of COVID on society overall can be explained in this part. The landlord also knows about it. Describing how are trying to work through things is important.

Tell you cannot pay the rent:

Now when you have explained that you are going through a financial crisis, it is easy for you to make the reader understand that you are unable to pay the rent for this month. 

Make a request:

Request the landlord to waive the rental fee. Mention the amount you want to be waived. If you are as to when you will be able to pay the rent, mention the date. Tell the reader that you will be highly grateful to him for this act of kindness. 

Explain that you have been paying your rent regularly until the pandemic hit the world and everything collapsed including your financial life. 

Below is a sample letter to help you get started with writing a request letter to the landlord:

Sample letter:

I hope that you are doing well. I am writing this request letter to ask you to waive the rental fee for November and December. I know that this would not be easy for you but my condition is worse off.

I am unable to manage my finances because I lost my job because the company decided to cancel the project that was not bringing good hopes due to the pandemic. We can see how the pandemic has impacted everyone’s business and personal life. Due to this, everyone is going through an extreme financial crisis. 

I assure you that I will start paying you the rent as soon as the new year starts. I understand that this time is very difficult for everyone. However, your act of kindness will mean a lot. 

Thank you so much for considering my request. I appreciate the fact that you understand we all are together in this testing time, and we all have to work through this time with each other’s cooperation so that we can beat this pandemic. 


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Request Letter to Waive Rental Fee due to COVID

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