Request Letter for Replacement of Resigned Staff

In all companies, staff members resign. This may be due to some reason. When a staff member resigns, the manager will need to ask for his/her replacement.

The staff member may be resigning because they have gotten a better job opportunity or maybe because they did not feel like they were getting paid enough. Whatever the reason, it is important to replace this staff member so that the workings of the office can continue smoothly.

The manager will need to write a request letter for the replacement of resigned staff. The letter may be written to the HR department asking them to look for a new employee to take the place of the person who has resigned.

You can briefly state the reasons why the staff member resigned which has resulted in you wanting to hire someone else. The letter is a formal and professional one and should be written like this. You must type it in a formal font like Times New Roman or Arial. The size can be 12 or 14. There must not be any spelling and grammar mistakes in the letter if you want it to be taken seriously.

It is important to immediately let the reader know what the letter is about, i.e., the replacement of resigned staff. Avoid including any unnecessary details as these can annoy the reader. In the letter, the reader must know why it is important for the staff member to be replaced quickly. You can say that it is necessary so that no pending work remains.

  1. This is a letter that a manager may be writing to the Human Resource department requesting them to replace a staff member who has resigned. The letter will communicate the urgency of doing this.
  2. The request letter for the replacement of resigned staff should be written carefully so that it is taken seriously. The following points can be kept in mind here:
  3. The reader must immediately know what the letter is about. You should inform him/her that you want to hire a new staff member due to the retirement of another one.
  4. You can tell why the staff member resigned. Do this briefly. The reader will probably want to know about this. Therefore, you should include it.

The urgency of hiring new staff members:

Let the reader know why it is important to quickly hire someone else. You can state that the functioning of the Department will be affected if this does not happen. The reader must take the letter seriously and be willing to immediately hire someone after reading it.


I would like to bring to your attention that the (name of the employee) has resigned from the Department (name of Department).] He/She worked as a (tell their job designation) in the Department.

(Name of the employee) resigned due to (tell why the employee resigned from the Department). He/she was not able to cooperate with other staff members from the same department.

There is an urgent need to replace him/her as soon as possible. If this does not happen, the performance of the whole department will be compromised. I hope to receive a positive response from you soon.

Thanking you.

Below is another sample letter was written by the manager to the human resource department asking for the replacement of a resigned staff member


I would like to inform you that (name and designation of the employee) has resigned. They have been working in the department of (state the Department) for (state how many years they have been working under you for).

(Name of employee) decided to resign due to (give solid and brief reasons here). He/she was a good performer who has been sincerely perfuming his/her duties.

A replacement is needed to immediately fill up his/her position after the resignation comes into effect. If we wait, it can negatively impact the output of the department.

I request you to carry out the needed procedures here to find a good replacement for the position.

Thank you.