Request Letter for Payment of Maternity Leave

Maternity leave is for all those women who are unable to attend their work because they are pregnant. It is the right of every woman to get maternity leave so that she does not lose her job and get into a financial crisis because of giving birth to a child.

Employers are generally not bound to pay their female employees when they go on leave because of pregnancy. However, there are many benefits a company does offer to its employees to retain them and earn a good name. One of the biggest benefits is the paid leave of pregnancy. During the paid maternity leave, women are either paid their full or partial salary every month, or all the expenses during pregnancy when they were away from the work are reimbursed.

What is a request letter for payment of pregnancy leave?

It is an application that a woman writes to her employer after coming back to work from maternity leave. In this application, the woman claims for the reimbursement of all the expenses she has incurred while she was away from work.

It has been told earlier, it is the policy of some companies to compensate their female employees who go through a hard time of pregnancy while remaining away from work not earning anything. To assist such women, companies pay them to compensate them. When female workers are aware of the rights and policies of the company, they can claim the payment.

How to write a payment application?

Start by giving an introduction:

As soon as the letter begins, the applicant should write her introduction. The introduction must include her name, her designation in the company, the department in which she works, and some other relevant details.

Describe the maternity leave:

After giving her introduction, the woman should provide the details regarding the leave. She should tell the starting and ending period of the leave.

Ask for the payment:

Without wasting any time, the woman should ask the employer to pay for the leave in a straightforward way. For convincing the employer, she can refer to the policy of the company that was made clear to her at the time of joining the company.

Tell how and when the payment should be made:

In the end, the woman can inform her employer as to how she feels convenient receiving the payment and when.

Attach relevant documents:

A woman should attach all those documents with this request that she thinks make her claim stronger. For instance, she should attach the bill issued by the hospital after delivery, the application of paid leave that was signed by the employer, and a copy of the employment contract in which it was mentioned that she would be given a paid maternity leave.

A sample letter in which a woman has requested the payment of the maternity leave to her employer has been mentioned below.

Sample letter

Sender’s name:
Address of the sender:


Receiver’s name:
Address of the receiver:

Subject: A request for payment

Dear Sir,

I am Mrs. ABC working as an assistant professor in the Computer Science department in your institution. I have been on leave from 20th June 20XX to 20th Oct 20XX due to my pregnancy. As per the agreement, I am back to work 10 days after delivery.

I am writing this letter to make a humble request to you to reimburse all the expenses of my maternity leave. Total expenses that I have incurred are [X] (mention the amount). I am attaching the reimbursement of expenses form along with the proof of cost I have incurred. Please find the attachment.

It is my humble request to you to look into this matter and clear the payment as soon as possible. I would like to ask you to make the payment along with my next month’s salary. In case you want to know anything else regarding this request, you can reach out to me (mention your phone number). I am looking forward to your kind reply.


Name of the employee
Designation of the employee in the company


Request Letter for Payment of Maternity Leave

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