Request Letter for Certificate of Salary

The request letter for the certificate of salary is written from the employee to the employer or any other authoritative person like finance manager, senior general manager, or senior accounts manager. This kind of letter aims to request the issuance of a certificate of salary which is a kind of proof of employment and salary.

A certificate of salary is a certificate that has all the information showing the association of the employee with the company. In the certificate, employee’s details along with his designation in the company, duties, duration of the association with the company are mentioned. It also covers other details like employment period, salary breaks like basic salary, gross salary, or allowances, etc. It is a sort of proof that validates the person as an employee of a certain organization or company and its payment for the duties performed.  

A request for salary certificate is made on the following grounds:

  1. If a person wants to apply for a bank loan, bank, usually, asks for the salary details in the shape of the certificate of salary
  2. Anyone who buys any item on an installment plan must show his salary details as a certificate of salary
  3. A certificate of salary is also required at the time of making certain types of monetary contracts

Following is the sample letter for certificate of salary and can be modified according to the needs:

Sample Letter

George Quixote
General Key Housing Area
3848 YC Street, London, UK 

20th April 20XX

Ella Glob
The Senior Finance Manager
BCM Groups and CO.
TRX High Street, London, UK

Re. Request for a Salary Certificate

Dear Ella,

It is submitted to your kind concern that I am the Assistant Manager in the HR Department of this company. My employment number is 30238. I have been working here for ten years and it has been a very high grace time for me working at a significant designation.

Ella, I have applied for a loan of $2000 from the Linux Hill Bank, London. The loan shall be returned in proportional installments along with a markup. The bank has certain policies while giving approvals for loans and one of them includes the proof of employment and salary as per security and claims. I have asked for a loan for an urgency that can be ultimately solved with this loan. So, I request you to provide me with a certificate of salary mentioning my employment period, designation and salary specifications as per bank demands. I shall be highly thankful to you for this. As soon as I get the certificate, the bank will be able to speed up the procedure of approval and issuance of the loan.

Thank you in anticipation



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