Request Letter for Certificate of Compliance

A request letter for the certificate of compliance is the request made for the assurance or affirmation of certain product(s) to be in compliance or accordance with the given standards. These standards are made by the relevant departments of the state and a product or entity has to be in compliance with those accepted standards.

The request is made by any company or firm or any other group that wants to get its certificate of compliance after going through the process of verification or inspection. When a company prepares its products, it invites the state authorities to check or inspect for the entity ascertaining its level of meeting the given criteria. When the product or company or the entity has been declared as up to the given standards then the company can ask for a certificate of compliance.

The request for the certificate of compliance is made to the authorized person or agent of the state taxes directed by the Department of Revenue of the state. Following persons can beseech for the certificate of compliance:

  1. Any authorized person on behalf of its company can write to the authorities for the certificate of compliance of its products.
  2. While purchasing goods from one company in bulks in business deals, any other company can also ask to show the certificate of compliance to reassure itself for the quality of the products.
  3. Contractors can ask for the certificate if the contract that is made includes the products, for example, if a company uses plastic of another company for the manufacturing of various products, the contractor can ask for the certificate to assure the quality standards.

Following is a sample letter in which a director on behalf of his company asks for the certificate of compliance of its products from the Department of Revenue.

Sample Letter

George Smith
The Director
GHK Fabrics and Design
FL 9065 New York City
NY, Unites States

20th April 20XX

The Manager
New York Revenue Authority
New York, United States

Re. Request for the Certificate of Compliance

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you on behalf of the company GHK Fabrics and Design. It is brought into your kind attention that the team from the office of the Taxing and Revenue Office visited the company on 1st April 20XX and inspected regarding the manufacturing procedure, the products, and their quality. I am glad to inform you that everything was found up to the standards and has been declared clear by the relevant authority issuing clearance paper.

Everything from the company’s procedure of manufacturing to the quality of the products is in compliance with the given criteria jotted down in the latest volume of the Standardizing the State Agencies and Products 20XX. So, I seek your kindness by making a request to issue the certificate of compliance on a priority basis. Many projects of the company are waiting for the certificate as it is needed on many surfaces of the contracts and projects. I also have enclosed a copy of the clearance attestation by the authorities. I shall be grateful to you. Thank you in anticipation.



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