Request Letter for Certificate of Residence

A certificate of residence, which can also be called proof of residence, is a certificate that is bestowed by the municipal government of the country making sure of a person’s residency. In the certificate of residence, a person’s address, location, or residency is made sure. It is used for the registration or documentation of someone’s residency in that specific address.

A request letter for a certificate of residence is written to any authorized officer of the municipal or local government of the city or county or to the tax agents or to the landlords depending upon nature, to grant the certificate of residence. It is written for the sake of security and tax exclusion.

Tax is implied on the foreign residents for living in that city or county if they are not permanent residents of an area. It is also written to avoid any kind of later complication or liability. For social security purposes and taxation, the municipal government takes care of this certification.

Write before a legal contract…

A certificate of residence is also stipulated at the time of making any legal contracts while doing business or other things likewise. The certificate may also be required at the time of new admissions in schools, colleges, universities, or new jobs. Some companies make the certificate of residence an important parcel of wanted documents while entering as a new employee.  

Who needs to write it?

The letter can be written by a person who

  1. is already a resident of the city but has not registered according to the demands of the local government
  2. has migrated from another city and wants himself to get registered or documented at the new place
  3. has changed his residence within the same locale; he may also need a new certificate of residence as per changing the address
  4. wants to renew or register for the visa or other traveling requirements
  5. wants to get his driving license renewed

Such a request letter includes the purpose of asking for a certificate of residence, affirming the fulfillment of all the required procedures, and giving away all the prerequisites.



My name is Mezes. I am a resident of XYZ and have been living here since my birth. I would like to request the issuance of my certificate of residence. I require this document in order to apply for a bank loan.

Please find enclosed a copy of my ID card. Kindly let me know if you require any other documents for this purpose.

I would really appreciate it if you could provide me with the requested certificate at the earliest. Thank you for your kind consideration.


I am writing to request my certificate of residence. I am applying for a student scholarship in the UK. The mentioned document is a prerequisite for this process.

Kindly contact me at the provided number for further details. I shall be grateful to you for your help.


Noah Laxity
0938 Sherriff Apartments, New York City
NY, United States

20th April 20XX

George Edward
The Mayor, New York City, NY
United States

Re. Request for Certificate of Residence

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I had been working in GHK Group of Companies in Albany, New York from December 20XX to May 20XX based on a contract. Now I have been shifted from Albany to New York City on a working or business basis. My stay here in the city shall not be of the temporary type as I have been approved as a permanent employee of the company’s franchise.

I request you grant me a certificate of residence as my working place has asked for it to be submitted within the first week of May. Sir, as I have informed you it is the prerequisite of my working place that is why I request you to grant me the certificate on a priority basis.

I have fulfilled the prior procedures to get the certificate, the further process shall be moved on with your kind approval. All the required attested copies of the documents and my ID have been enclosed.

Thank you in anticipation



Request letter for certificate of residency

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