Reprimand Letter to Employee for Disrespectful Behavior to Boss

We come across different personalities throughout our lives. We encounter people with different behavioral patterns. It is human nature that at times we lose our temper and behave harshly towards an individual which is certainly not appropriate. It depicts us being disrespectful of others’ feelings and emotions. In our routine life when we appear harsh to our friend we normally apologize to him/her while accepting our fault thus the matter is resolved. But in workplaces, this is not as simple to tackle as it appears to be.

If you are seen behaving disrespectfully towards any individual in workplaces it becomes a necessity to intimate you of your behavior without any delay. Ignorance here can lead to being problems building up with each passing day.

If an employee is seen misbehaving with his co-workers, supervisor, or boss here the first approach towards dealing with the situation is to talk to your respective employee personally. Now, if this does not work out then a letter is drafted in the name of the employee addressing him of his misconduct which is known as the Warning letter to employee for being disrespectful.

Here the employer highlights the key events where the employee has been disrespectful thus violating the disciplinary code. The employee is warned by the employer to stop his/her actions so as to avoid any future disruptions. Remember, your tone should not be offensive.

The warning letter would start by:

  • Writing the employee’s name followed by his department’s name.
  • The address and designation of the employee.
  • The date on which the letter is being drafted.
  • The subject of the letter should be mentioned.
  • Proper salutation for e.g. Dear James.
  • The first paragraph should start with addressing the issue clearly.
  • In the second paragraph praise your employee for his hard work and effort.
  • End the letter on a positive note.

Sample letter

Mr. Joe
Manager, Accounts Department
ABC International

Dated: 12 July, 20XX

Subject: Reprimand letter to employee for disrespectful behavior to boss

Dear Joe,

From the past few days, there has been an invariable change in your behavior. It is not your nature but you are somehow violating the code of conduct. Last week you messed up with your co=worker for no reason and on another event, you displeased a client by being disrespectful.

We had earlier warned you verbally of your action but this time you have certainly crossed your limits. Last week when you were called by your boss for the final report presentation which you had not completed by the due date, upon asking the cause of delay, you had kicked off the chair, you had thrown the incomplete report and lastly, you had left the room by slamming the door hard. All these events are very upsetting as well as inappropriate. Your behavior is harming the working environment which is certainly not acceptable.

Joe. You have been a wonderful person to work with. Your hard work did not go unrecognized as you were granted a raise in salary last month. We do not wish to lose you but if continue to deliver the same attitude then serious action will be taken against you.

We hope that you fully understand the situation and respond in a positive way.

Yours Sincerely

Mr. Gree

ABC International.

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