Reprimand Letter to an Employee for Leaving Early

What is a reprimand letter?

A reprimand letter is a document that is sent by an employer to his employees when they don’t perform well. It is a type of warning letter that is used to make the employee correct his behavior.

It is important to note that the reprimand letter is written only when the employee does not perform as well as he is expected to perform. This upsets the employer to a great extent, and he decides to reprimand the employee by writing him a reprimand letter.

Why reprimand letter for leaving early is written?

There is a particular timing of coming to the workplace and leaving it. Every person working in that company is required to follow that time. If the employee wants to leave early, he has to do this through proper channels. The best way to do this is by writing a leave application to the employer asking him for permission to leave early. Once the application is approved, the employee can leave the office early.

Some employees make the mistake of leaving the office early without asking anyone for this. This type of behavior of the employee shows that the employee does not take his job seriously. It also shows that an employee is an irresponsible person who does not value time.

One of the biggest purposes of writing this letter is to make the employee aware of the fact that leaving early is not professional behavior and the employer never approves this non-seriousness.

What information does a reprimand letter convey?

A reprimand letter is considered a very useful document for those employers who are sick of their employees’ behavior and don’t seem to correct their behavior. Through this letter, the employer conveys lots of important details such as:

  1. The employer tells the employee that this letter is a form of reprimand letter that should be considered an official document that holds as much importance as any other official letter. Those employees who don’t understand the purpose behind this letter can easily figure it out when they read that the letter is to be deemed as an official reprimand letter.
  2. The employer should also mention the purpose of this letter. In this particular scenario, the employer in writing to the employee often leaves the office early without taking permission. So, the employer should mention that he is reprimanding the employee because of this.
  3. The employer should tell the employee that leaving early causes inconvenience to his several co-workers and therefore, it is not acceptable by the company.
  4. If there is a record of sending verbal warnings to the employee in the past, the employer must bring it up in the letter. It should also be told by the employee that since the verbal warnings did not impact the employee, the company is compelled to write a reprimand letter.
  5. It is also very important for the employer to tell the consequences of not taking the reprimand letter seriously and not correcting the behavior. If the company is determined to take disciplinary actions against the employee if this letter does not make him change his behavior, the company must mention it in the letter.

This is a sample letter being written to an employee who leaves the office early without taking permission.

Sample letter:

To: Name of the employee

From: Name of the employer

Date: ——————

RE: Warning for violation of agreement clause #[X]

Dear (name of the employee),

This is an official reprimand letter for you because you fail to perform the assigned duties. It has been brought to my notice that you do not show compliance with the rules and policies of the company. You have been seen leaving the workplace earlier than the time we have set for you to leave.

Following the timings of the company is extremely important for an employee in order to serve the company and customers in a better way. When you leave your workplace early, you entail inconvenience to all your co-workers. Furthermore, leaving earlier also means that you don’t respect the rules of the company.

We have sent verbal warnings to you for this behavior many times in the past. We have seen that the verbal warning is not able to bring any change in your behavior of leaving early. Therefore, we are sending you a reprimand letter so that it can remind you of the seriousness of the matter.

Continuing this problem will result in strict disciplinary action against you. You may also end up getting terminated from the company.

A copy of this reprimand letter will be kept in your file. You can also write us the response so that we can attach it to this reprimand letter as proof.  


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