Reply Letter to HR for Mistakenly Reducing Salary

Employees often receive letters from HR when there is a problem or any type of confusion regarding their salary. The letters received from HR generally clear out various confusions. For example, if there was a reduction in the salary and the employee was not informed about it earlier, the letter from HR explains it. The employee then writes a response letter to him, if necessary.

What is a response letter for a mistakenly reduced salary?

This is a professional piece of writing in which the employee addresses HR and informs that he has learned and understood that the reduction in the salary was a mistake and there is no problem if HR compensates for the unfair deduction.

What is the purpose of writing the reply to HR?

There are many reasons why an employee chooses to write a response letter to HR when there is a miscalculation of the salary on part of the HR. Writing the response allows the employee to address his issues.

By writing a reply letter, the employee lets the employer know about the inconvenience that he has faced due to an unnecessary deduction from the salary. The employee can also show a professional attitude by writing a positive letter when the HR department itself accepts the mistake.

Tips to follow:

Remain positive:

People face inconvenience when they don’t receive the actual amount of salary they are supposed to receive. Sometimes, employees make complaints and express their discontentment. This is fine to some extent. However, when HR has accepted the mistake and informed the employee that the reduction was out of miscalculation, the employee should not then show anger. Rather, he should show a positive attitude to remain courteous.

Keep it professional:

Some employees start giving their details in the response letter because they feel that they should write all the stuff in this letter. After all, HR has contacted them. However, this is not a practical approach. Keep the letter brief and don’t try to give such details the reader is not interested in reading.

Address your expectations:

After reading the response letter, the reader should be able to know what you are expecting from the company. For instance, if you are expecting compensation, bring it up in the letter.

Write according to the HR letter:

We all know that the response that we write always keeps the letter from HR in consideration. The reply should always be coherent with the letter written by the HR department. Make sure that you write a response to only those details that HR has specified in the letter earlier.

Provide your contact details:

Although the HR department already has your contact details, you should provide your details to show that you are ready to assist the company in solving the issue of sending the reduced salary by mistake.

Writing a reply to HR is not so easy, especially for those people who don’t know how they can compose a perfect letter to demonstrate professionalism. Such people much follow the template or a sample letter that will assist them in writing an answer letter in a better way. Read the sample letter given below and draft your letter according to the understanding you gain from this sample. 

Sample letter:


Name of the sender:
Address of the sender:

Subject: A reply letter for reducing the salary mistakenly

Respected Mr. ABC,

This letter is being written in response to the letter that I received from HR about the reduction in the salary mistake. I received a reduced salary last month and complained about it. I was informed that the reduction was done by mistake. According to my salary slip, there was a 10% reduction in my salary.

I believe that everyone is entitled to making mistakes and one should understand this fact. I would like to request you to compensate me for the reduced salary in my next salary. I would be highly grateful to you.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries. I am looking forward to your kind response.


Name of the employee


Reply letter to HR for mistakenly reducing salary

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