Warning Employee for Casual Behavior at Work

An employer issues the written warning in the form of a warning letter to the employee to inform him about the violation of the company’s policy he has carried out. Some employees also write an email. However, writing a letter is the best strategy.

There are some work ethics that everyone at work is required to follow. At the workplace, no one can show such casual behavior. Rather, one needs to be alert and more formal during office hours. However, some workers take things lightly and show casual behavior despite knowing that they are not allowed to do that. To cope with such behavior, a warning is issued.

What is a warning letter for casual behavior at work?

A warning letter from a manager to his work is a formal letter that notifies him that his casual behavior at the workplace has been noticed and deemed inappropriate. In simple words, the warning letter criticizes the employee’s behavior that was not good.

What is the objective of the warning letter?

Most commonly, warning letters are issued to inform the employee that his behavior was not appropriate and is unacceptable for the company. When the employee comes to know about it, he will not repeat that kind of behavior. This way, the issued warning is deemed useful as it corrects the behavior of the person.

When to write a warning?

No one wants to receive a warning letter because it is the last resort of the employee after which, serious actions such as suspension or termination can be taken. Employers also avoid this situation. However, there are some situations when writing the warning becomes inevitable. Some of these situations are:

  1. When an employee has been asked to correct his actions by giving verbal warnings and the manager has learned that the verbal warning is not working.
  2. When the behavior of the employee was so gross that the employer cannot let off the employee even once and decides to correct him immediately.

What should a warning letter include?

A warning letter is the best opportunity for a manager to communicate with his worker and brief him about his wrongdoing. People often don’t reflect on their behavior and remain ignorant. The warning letter lets them know where they have gone wrong and what people expect them to do to be accepted in the company. The main components of this reprimand letter are:

The written warning statement

The director should warn the employee in clear words without using harsh words.

Description of the casual behavior:

“Casual behavior” is a very broad term and so much can be accommodated in it. Therefore, one cannot understand what you are referring to when you are pointing at their casual attitude. Therefore, explain that how the employee has behaved and why this behavior is unacceptable for the company.

Describe the consequences:

Every letter written to reprimand the employee should inform him about the fact that he can face serious consequences if he doesn’t improve his behavior.

A sample letter has been given below for a better understanding

Sample warning letter

                                                                                                                                Date: ________________

Name of the recipient
Address of the recipient,

Name of the manager,
Company’s name:
Contact details:

Subject: Warning for casual behavior at work

Dear Mr. (mention the name of the employee),

This letter is being written to you to warn you about the casual behavior you have been seen showing at the workplace. The company has told you a number of times how you are supposed to be behaving. I have also met you in person once and gave you a verbal warning. Now, I am writing you a written warning letter because the repetitive demonstration of casual attitude in the office shows that you are not respecting the rules and regulations of the company.

I would like to let you know that if you did not stop behaving too casually while you are in the office sitting in a certain position, the company will have to dispense your services without issuing you any advance notice. Feel free to contact me for any queries.

Miss Sara.

Yours sincerely,

Signatures of the sender


Warning employee for casual behaviour at work

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