Suspension Letter to Employee for Indiscipline

Discipline in an organization is the first and foremost priority of everyone because without maintaining discipline, no business can thrive. Considering this, organizations devise various policies to ensure that the discipline remains intact. Every individual working in the company is also expected to abide by the rules and regulations about the organization in a company.

What is a suspension letter due to indiscipline?

When an employee does not meet the discipline criteria of a company and shows serious misconduct glaringly, he is written a suspension letter and briefed that he will not be allowed to work for a specific time period.

What is the purpose of writing a suspension letter?

The suspension letter is the main part of an organization because most of the employers believe in documenting the suspension and it is then kept in the file of the worker. This document is consulted when the employee returns to work.

How to write?

A manager must ensure a perfect message about suspension so that it can be ensured that the worker has received and understood the message. Follow the tips given below:

Inform the employee about his suspension:

The manager does not have to beat around the bush and he can communicate the decision of putting the employee under suspension in a straightforward way. In the first paragraph of the letter, the suspension letter should inform the reader that he is being banned from working on the designation on which he has been working. The duration of the suspension should be stated clearly by mentioning the date of the period.

Mention the reason:

The reader, after knowing about his suspension wants to know why this decision has been taken. So, this letter should provide the reason. If the letter refers to a particular incident when the employee demonstrated disorganization, the date of occurrence of that event should be provided. If the employee is being taught the lesson due to general habits regarding misconduct such as tardiness, the reason should be discussed.

Give details of the charge sheet

 The charge sheet generally includes the number of charges that have been leveled against the employee and the unique number of the charge sheet is mentioned in the letter for reference.

Discuss the company’s prerogative about the misconduct:

Some people show disorganization at the workplace because they think the organization has no policy to deal with the misconduct. However, this is a misunderstanding of the worker. The managerial director must clarify this misunderstanding of the workforce.

The manager should inform the worker that the company is under no obligation to tolerate the misconduct of workers and the company has a strict policy to deal with such people.

Discuss who to talk about it

The manager should redirect the employee to a specific person who can listen to the point of view of the employee.  

Below is a sample letter was written to the person who has shown misconduct and is being suspended for a while.

Sample suspension letter:

Subject: Letter of suspension

Respected (mention the name of the employee),

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of the decision of the company to suspend you without salary. The suspension is for 20 working days from the designation of sales manager of the marketing department.

The charges against you for severe misconduct and bad behavior have been leveled against you. The charge sheet No. 2345 has been issued to you about the indiscipline.

You have been involved in an argument with one of your colleagues and therefore, you are being put under suspension that will be effective from 23rd September 20XX This suspension is deemed necessary to maintain discipline in the organization.

Note that you will be entitled to the suspension allowance of 400$ during this period of suspension.

In the future, we expect you to show improvement in your behavior but not indulge yourself in any brawl like this. You can consult my assistant if you have any concerns or anything to say in your defense.




Suspension Letter to Employee for Indiscipline

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