Reparation Letter by Employee SAMPLES

Reparation letters are written by those who want to compensate the loss others have faced due to them. Reparation letter by an employee is written when he has not performed his duty well and caused inconvenience for the company.

The purpose of writing this letter to the company is to offer it your help that you want to do by amending the work you did wrong.  In some cases, the employee also offers the payment to the company for the loss.

For example, if the employee has mishandled the expensive equipment of the company which is not working anymore, the employee can write the reparation letter to ask the company to let him repair that or buy a new one.

Reparation letters are very important in business as they are used to help those people who don’t want their image to be ruined just because they have wronged someone. The best thing they can do is writing the reparation letter to the company and offering every possible help.

Reparation letters are professionally written letter that should be drafted with great care. The tone of the letter should be formal. Make sure that you write the letter in a very simple language that can convey your message to the reader quickly.

Before you start writing this letter, you should ask yourself why you are in need to write reparation letter. Once you are clear about the reason, you will be able to outline the letter very easily. Consider all the purposes of the letter and write them down on a paper. Outline everything that you need to include in the letter and ensure that nothing has been missed.

Since reparation letter is a formal letter, the most important thing to remember is the fact that the formal letters are short and to the point. The template for reparation letter can be used when you need a readymade professionally written letter.

You can edit the details in the letter and can send it to the relevant person. The use of template not only saves your time but also enables you to send the best reparation letter.

Sample Letters

Reparation letter by an employee


This letter is written to you to make compensation for the loss that the company had to bear as I have accidentally broken some expensive equipment [INSERT PARTICULAR]. I am sorry for all this, but it was an absolute mistake which many of my fellow employees witnessed even. The reason behind this negligence was the sudden meeting called by my supervisor on an ongoing project. I was so lost in assembling my documents hurriedly that I couldn’t make sense about the things on my way.

Suddenly my foot got stuck in a wire & I heard a loud noise. On gathering my senses, I came to know what has been done. Though I am extremely sorry for this negligence, yet I want to make full reparation for it. I request you to kindly provide me with its price so that we can set a percentage deduction from my salary every month till the damage is compensated. I assure you that I will avoid such incidents never to happen again in the future.


Reparation letter by an employeeI have been working in the finance department for the last 5 years and have done my best to work with due diligence. During the last week finance meeting, I accidentally ended up in breaking the laptop and the projector.

We have been using these tech devices for our presentations and I am fully aware regarding the cost of this equipment. Many of my fellows have witnessed this to be a mere accident and not intentional. The reason for this accident is the sudden call for the meeting when I wasn’t even prepared well and got nervous.

I am very sorry for this loss and I would like to compensate for this by paying for the full reparation. It would be great if you could provide me with the prices and I will notify the percentage deduction to be made from my salary every month to make up for this loss. I will make sure to avoid such instances in future.