Rent Reduction Negotiation Letter

If someone wants to live a financially stable life, the amount he spends on housing should be one-fourth of his total monthly income. If this is the case, healthy and financially stable life will be possible. Unfortunately, many people are paying more than what they earn, and therefore, they always find it hard to make ends meet. In that situation, they can request the landlord to reduce the rent.

What is a rent reduction negotiation letter?

People write this type of negotiation letter to the landlord when they want to get a reduction in the rent. The purpose of writing this letter to the landlord is to persuade him into agreeing to reduce the rent. It is not easy to write this letter because it requires the tenant to have such a kind of tone and choice of words that can convince the landlord to reduce the rent.

Why people write a request letter to reduce the rent amount?

At times, people also write this negotiation letter because earlier, they were paying it easily and now due to unprecedented circumstances as a result of Covid-19, they are unable to pay due to financial setbacks. This letter helps them get back on track when they don’t have to pay a lion’s share of their salary to pay the rent. Once they are out from this instability, the reduction is reversed and they start paying the full rent again.

Tips for writing the negotiation letter for rent reduction:

Keeping the rules of the lease in consideration, chances are you will see a rise in the rent amount at the end of the lease. When you see that the lease is ending and your financial situation does not allow you to pay the higher rent, you are left with two choices: asking the landlord to reduce the rent, not renewing the lease, and moving to the new apartment.  The first option seems to be more feasible and therefore, you need to know some essential tips to follow:

  1. You should politely ask the landlord to reduce the rent. Don’t think that it is the responsibility of the landlord to do it. So, keep your tone polite and talk to your landlord nicely.
  2. You know that it is important for you to share your financial hardships you have fallen into and there is no option left but to request the landlord to reduce the rent, you need to do it in the right way. don’t try to be overdramatic while talking about the financial crisis you are getting into.

Sample letter:


Details of the landlord
Contact details

Details of the tenant

Contact details

Subject: Negotiation for a rent reduction

Dear Mr. ABC,

I have been living with my family in the house of which, the address has been mentioned above for more than 5 years now. I am so happy in this house because we have enjoyed a very quiet location and a friendly neighbourhood.

I have been paying you 500$ rent each month and you know that there has never been a delay in the payment of rent. Now, I am going through an extremely bad time. My life is in a severe financial crisis and I find no way to escape from it. I and my wife both are working and trying to bring our life back to normalcy. However, things seem to be out of control at this point. I would like to request you to reduce the rent amount that I have been paying you every month.

I cannot force you to reduce the rent but this is my humble request. If you don’t reduce the rent, I will have to move to the apartment with reduced rent. Before I take any decision, I have decided to formally ask you consider my request.

We would be willing to sign the lease agreement for the renewal of the lease if you agree to reduce the rent by 100$.

I am hopeful that I will hear from you soon with regard to this letter. I would like to say thanks to you in advance for considering my letter.



Signatures of the tenant


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