Remind a customer that payment is past due

Sometimes, customers purchase different products on credit. They promise the seller to pay the due payment either in multiple installments or in the form of lump-sum cash after some time. The customer makes the promise with the seller and also specifies the date by which he will clear the payment. At times, the relationship between the seller and buyer gets too firm and strong that the seller does not refuse the buyer when he asks for buying things on credit. However, the customer is not always in the position to pay back in the specified time. When this happens, the seller writes him a reminder letter.

What is it?

A reminder letter is written to remind the customer that he has to pay back the seller. When the money is past due, the seller fears the customer might have forgotten it. In that situation, the seller thinks of writing the reminder letter.

At some point, there arises a dispute between the seller and the buyer over the late payment. However, the seller does not always want to do that because he does not want to lose the customer. Writing the reminder letter is a very gentle way to ask for the payment which is past due. It does not ruin the relationship between the seller and the buyer and also enables the buyer to realize that he should pay the seller now.

How to write a letter to remind a customer that the payment is past due?

A seller knows the importance of writing a professional-looking and sensible letter to the customer that can convince him into making the payment to the seller. The seller might have never written this letter before. Some representatives also write the payment reminder letter to the customers especially when their job is to collaborate with the customers.

In that situation, if they don’t know the tone to maintain and the content to cover in the letter, they will become the cause of ruining the reputation of the company. Additionally, they will be held answerable to stakeholders. Therefore, we have provided here some tips to write an effective reminder letter:

  1. Start the letter by telling the recipient that your purpose of writing is just to remind him that he is required to pay a specific amount of money. This is an indirect way to gently ask for the payment.
  2. You must specify the amount that the recipient is supposed to pay. This way, you will fulfill the purpose of the reminder letter.
  3. Tell the recipient that you are ready to settle down with on payment methods and options. If he cannot pay the full amount, he can pay in installments.
  4. Tell the recipient to contact you in case he has any problem.

Sample letter

Details of the recipient
Contact details

Subject: reminder for the due payment

Dear Mr ABC,

This letter is being written to let you know that you have not paid the money to the company that you were supposed to pay on the 1st of April, 20XX. We hope that you will pay us very soon.

The due amount to be paid by you is 1000$. All the additional charges and applied tax has been included in the due amount. There are no hidden charges.

If you have already paid your account and we could not see it because of not updating our system, please write us back or contact us via phone call and let us know when you paid so that we can update your account details.

We also devise easy payment plans for our valuable customers on their special request. If you are also going through a financial crisis, you can let us know. We would love to make it easy for you to pay us back in flexible installments in any timeframe. Our representatives will be available to provide you with assistance and counseling. Please consider this letter as a gentle reminder from the company to you so that you can pay us back if you have forgotten.

We are looking forward to your early response.


Name of the sender,
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