Remind an Organization Member to Pay a Fee

People often like to become a member of an organization or a club to be able to enjoy all those privileges that members usually enjoy. When they get this privilege, they are required to pay the membership fee to that organization. The membership fee is not usually paid every month or after short time intervals. Rather, people pay once or twice a year. Due to this, they often forget to pay. The organization writes a reminder letter to all those people who forget to pay.

Importance of writing the letter to remind about the fee

Organizations usually demand the payment when the person who is supposed to pay back does not pay the money. One of the gentle ways that an organization chooses to demand the payment is to write a reminder letter. This way, the customer does not feel bad about being asked to pay the money.

Many organizations want you to pay the fee if you want to a member of those organizations. For example, when you are a member of the gym, it means that you are allowed to enter the gym and use the exercise instruments freely. You can get this facility only when you pay the membership fee. So, when you don’t pay the membership fee, you receive a letter from the gym asking you to pay in the form of a reminder letter. In case you ignore this letter, your membership will be canceled. Due to this, you are given a timeframe in which, you can manage to pay the fee.

It is important to note that you cannot force anyone to pay you. If they want to continue their membership, they can pay the money.

How do write to someone to remind them of the membership fee?

Writing the reminder letter is a bit technical thing because you don’t want to sound greedy while asking for the money and you have to ask for it because this is what you are writing this letter for. Below are some tips for you:

Give background information:

A lot of people might not know they are required to pay the membership fee. So, when they are asked to pay, they get so many questions in their mind. Some people even don’t take this letter seriously. So, it is important to tell the recipient about the membership fee and why people are required to pay it.

Mention the membership fee:

In this part of the letter, you will be required to specify that how much amount a person being a member of the organization is required to pay. If you have increased the amount, specify the reason for it also so that people don’t inundate your phone with their queries regarding the increased amount. Also mention if they are required to pay the tax separately or it is included in the amount you have stipulated.

Mention the date:

There is a specific time in the year when the membership fee is paid. So, unlimited time cannot be granted to the members. You can specify the deadline by which, everyone must pay the membership fee. You should also mention in the letter that the membership of people will be canceled if they don’t pay by the deadline.

Sample letter:

Details of the recipient
Contact details

Subject: reminder letter for the due payment

Dear Mr. ABC,

You know that the summer season is approaching and we collect membership fees at the onset of the summer season. Because we have made special arrangements to maintain social distancing at the gym, the membership fee of the gym this year is a bit higher. The annual membership fee of the gym this year is 200$ inclusive of taxes. Most of the people have already paid their fees and started to visit the gym regularly.

Please pay the amount mentioned on your statement by the end of this month. This will enable you to continue your membership. In case you have any queries regarding this reminder, you can contact us at our official contact numbers. We wish you the best of luck and fitness.


Name of the representative of the gym


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