Release Letter for Employee


Re. Release of Mrs. Chandler Perks from the Post of Assistant IT Manager W.e.f. 20th March 2021 with Reference to the Resignation Notice No. A-31

It is penned to you to inform you about the release of Mrs. Chandler from the post of Assistant IT Manager with effect from 20th March 20XX. Mrs. Chandler had applied for release with reference to the submitted resignation on 8th February 20XX by giving a prior notice of forty days according to the policy of Resignation and Termination 20XX.

Mrs. Chandler resigned from the post of Assistant IT Manager at which she had been working since 20XX. Her resignation was to be effective from 20th March 20XX and was submitted on the account of her immigration matter. She is shifting to Montreal, Canada because of her family.

She proved herself to be a very competent, hardworking, and responsible employee. She served in the department of IT Management and software functioning. She has sound knowledge of her field and possesses good communication skills and has substantial decision power. She is adroit in convincing the clients and demonstrates the projects and presentations in a very proficient manner. She is very cooperative as she remained part of management for a long time while the company was going through slight depreciation.

I, her immediate supervisor, approve the release of her from her post effective from 20th March 2021. Neither she nor the company has any outstanding payment to be paid. She has returned all the company’s property back to the administration. Thus, she is relieved from her post officially and has no unsettled liabilities.

For more please contact the admin at [email] or call us at +[X]. Thank you.


Lucifer Hike
The Manager
Sylvia Dora Groups
J-11, Sector C, Hall Road
San Diego, USA

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Re. Release Letter of Mr. Joe Stephen from the designation of Manager YCT with reference to Transfer Notice no. 340-C-09234.

Dear Elson,

This letter is to serve as a release letter.

I am Walden Melbourne from the department of Administration and House Management currently working as a Human Resources Supervisor/Consolidation Officer. I am drafting this letter to approve the release of Mr. Joe Stephen who is had been working on the post of Manager YCT (ST-19) in the department of YSTE Control Tasking.

Joe has been working here since 2005. Firstly he joined as an Assistant Manager YCT (ST-17) and then he was promoted to the designation of Manager YCT (ST-18) on 13th May 2010. He was promoted from ST-18 to ST-19 on 18th November 2018. Now he has been transferred to the Head Office Branch VX of Hazelton Town, CA while staying in the same sector of ST-19. He has been transferred by the PCDS of the Federal Board of CAMCS on 17th March 20XX.

Joe is adroit and proficient in the field of YCT management and has ample experience in the same field. He has been serving in this company for sixteen years and acquired all the relevant experience, training, and aimed well in the forte and discipline of YCT.

He is a good-natured industrious and efficient worker. He is skillful in good communication and has built and developed quick problem-solving skills. He has been an asset to our company and has yielded the company into an institution.

On the official grounds, Joe has been relieved from his designation and permitted to join the head office branch VX of the ALM Groups and Co. effective from 20th March 2021. For more, you can contact our General Manager at [email] or call us at +[X]. Thank you.


Walden Melbourne
HR Supervisor/Consolidation Officer
Department of Administration and House Management
ALM Groups and Co.
G-901, David Copperfield Station Road
San Diego, CA, USA

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