Prayer to Mother Mary for Miracle


Dear Mother Mary come and overfill my heart with your Holy Spirits. You have always helped me to bring me out of any situation. I want you to let my charity and love be generous and true. Bestow me the knowledge to differentiate between good and bad and assist me in all my obligations. Strengthen and advise me in my weakness and doubts. Keep me in your protection when I am inveigled and soothe me while I am afraid. I need you to hear me graciously and put your insight into my dead heart where only depression and stress are prevailing nowadays. Kindly help me in living holy and pious life and enhance my peace and righteousness.


There is so much jubilation and cheerfulness in my heart about the miracle that I want from you. Dear mother, I have compacted belief in marvels and with your clemency, all my fears disappeared. You have always mentored me towards the right path and I am much thankful to you for all this. You have always bestowed me with dexterity and helped in my difficult times. I am in great trouble now and want your divine help to resolve the matter as your help has never let me feel down. Till my last breath, I will never forget your mercy and will sing in your praise.


Dear Mother Mary, I bow before you and am extremely sorry to you for my misdemeanor. Please have mercy on me and absolve me. I regret my sins. With your holy spirits, I do not take personally what others do wrong to me and I forgive them all. I renounce all evil doings and spirits and Satan. I want you in my life and consider you as my savior. Please strengthen my soul, mind, and body and cure me. Fill my heart with your spirit and I want to follow your footsteps till my last breath.


Nothing is impossible when you make sincere prayers. Mother Mary, I heartedly pray to you as nothing is impossible for you. I want you to listen to my prayer for a miracle. What is impossible for me is all in your hands. You can fill my heart with faith by answering my prayers. In every difficult hour, you have stood by my side. Nothing can apart me from your mercy and love. Kindly strengthen my faith in you and help me to regain my lost vision.


My dearest Mother Mary, I cannot thank you enough for your plans that were in favor of me and your glory. You are the God of miracles and you unveil amongst people your power. You rescue people from distress and redeem them. Bring off miracles in my life to set out your glory and power. Enhance my trust and faith in you. For Jesus Christ’s sake, keep me blameless till my last breath. Everything you nudge is reshaped powerfully. Increase my stamina to follow in your footsteps. Bestow me with peace and mercy.


O Immaculate Mother Mary, I surrender my soul and body, sufferings and joy, prayers and doings to you. I beg for your love and devote my life and services to you. I from the core of my heart ask for a miracle as nothing is impossible in your kingdom. You are my hope and spiritual guide and all that I want is in your powerful hands. I have always turned to you in difficult hours. I have always been vouchsafed with your adroitness. Time has been tough for me and I want your seraphic help to sort out the matter as your assistance has never let me feel despondent and dejected.

Prayer to Mother Mary for Miracle