Physical Inventory Count Sheet

Physical inventory count sheet is an important document that helps you count the entire inventory available in the store of your warehouse. Keeping a record of the entire inventory ensures that you have everything on hand.

The items from your warehouse may be stolen or broken, placing the purchase order in the wrong locations and there can be many situations in which your record of the inventory can go astray.

Counting the inventory for your warehouse is as important as buying or selling the products. The accuracy of the inventory system prepared by you for your store can be ensured when you have prepared a physical inventory count sheet for you.

Physical inventory count sheet template

Physical Inventory Count Sheet File

Benefits of Using Inventory Count Sheet

The inventory purchased or sold at the specific date of the month can also be checked through these sheets. This sheet can also be used in the future to compare the inventory left in your store this month with the inventory that was left last month. It depends on the requirements of your business to decide how often you want to count your inventory.

A large business performs the inventory count only once in a year because of having a huge inventory, however, you can still use the inventory count sheet each month for your large business to maintain the accuracy.

About Count Sheet

It takes a lot of effort and time to count the inventory in any company. Using the inventory count sheet simplifies the process to some extent. A person can’t remember each inventory used by the company. The inventory count sheet helps to remember everything about the inventory.

The use of physical inventory count sheets is very important for any type of business. These sheets are printed out in bulk since these are frequently used documents. Many people believe in preparing the inventory count sheet for their business, however, there are many Microsoft Excel templates for these sheets that can be used by anyone and can be customized as per the needs and demands of the business.

How to prepare an inventory count sheet?

Preparing the inventory sheet for your business can be easier if you find the right time to do it. You can do it at the end of the standard business day or the end of the week. You can also do it anytime, however; you must stop all types of purchase orders and any addition of inventory to your warehouse while doing a count.

The count sheet completely depends on the size of your business. The warehouse can be divided into several sections based on the categories and then a separate count sheet can be prepared for each section. This makes all the things manageable and leaves no possibility of double counting. The main details which should be included on this sheet are:

  1. The name of the item
  2. Quantity of items
  3. System quantity
  4. Difference between counted quantity and system quantity
  5. The starting date of the sheet
  6. Ending date of the count
  7. Signatures of the owner of the warehouse.