Permission Letter for Sports Practice

What is a permission letter for sports practice?

If you want to take part in sports practice because you want to be part of the upcoming sports event, you can write this letter seeking permission in general, the sports practice permission letter is written to the teacher or the principal of the institute who is in the authority to permit you to take part in sports practice.

Why is this permission letter written?

Usually, a student has to make such type of schedule that allows him to study and do sports practice at the same time. However, sometimes it does not happen because the sports practice time clashes with the studies time. When this happens, the student cannot do both things at the same time.

If luckily, the student has an opportunity to attend the sports practice and then classes later, the student can write the permission letter to the principal. It is not possible for a student to not take the class without asking the teacher or the principal. Therefore, the student must write this letter seeking permission.

How to write the permission letter for sports practice?

You have to write this letter to the head of the institute and therefore, you need to as much respect as you can. The tone and choice of words in this letter should be appropriate. Apart from that, the content should also be meaningful and well-written. Below are the instructions to follow:

Tell the entire situation:

You should make it clear to your teacher or whoever you are writing to that why you want to do sports practice and why you cannot do it without putting a full stop to your classes in the college.  It is important to know that the recipient will not accept this request of yours if your problem or excuse of not taking the class does not make any sense. Therefore, providing the reason is recommended.

Tell the alternate solution:

As a student, you should not come off as someone who does not want to study and just participate in sports practice. Therefore, you should keep the alternative solution in your mind and must add it to the letter also. The recipient knows that you will face the loss of your studies by not giving proper attention to your classes. Therefore, you should specify this in the letter that how you will make up for the lost time. if you have an option to take classes in the evening, do specify it in the letter.

Request for granting permission:

At the end of the letter, you should formally request the recipient to allow you to take part in sports practice activities. Close the letter on a positive note.

Sample letter:


Name of the recipient:
Address of the recipient:

Name of the organization:

Subject:  Permission letter for sports practice

Dear Mr/Mrs. ABC,

I am enrolled in your institution in grade 12. I am a sharp and hardworking student of your institution. Apart from my studies, I also actively take part in extracurricular activities. I am also registered in various sports activities of the college. Now, since the annual sports event of the college is approaching near, I want to spend some college hours in practice.

I can’t attend my classes at college and practice in the sports club at the same time. Therefore, I would like to take the college classes in the evening for the next two months.

I know that my studies are more important and I am well prepared for my exam also. I assure you that I will not disappoint you with my result. However, at this point, I need to pay some attention to my sports activities also. My coach has asked me to speak to you if you allow me to take part in the sports practice. You can reach him on [X] if you need to ask anything pertaining to this request.

I am anxiously looking forward to your reply. I am attaching my registration form and membership card of the sports club with this letter.


Yours sincerely,

Name of the student

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