Parent’s Permission Letter for Picnic

Education is a primary focus on every school. After that, there are different events held in schools for making students refresh themselves and learn to socialize with each other. For any such activity in which the student is required to be taken to a different place, the school’s administration needs a permission letter from parents.

Picnic is a fun activity that everyone loves to get engaged in. Different schools and colleges organize picnic parties where students go with them and spend some quality time there. If a child is too young or under 18, he will have to take permission from his parents or guardians to go on the picnic. The school’s administration will not take the child along unless the parents of the child allow their child to go with them. For this purpose, schools ask the parents of the child directly to allow their child to go on a picnic with the school.

What is the parent’s permission letter for the picnic?

It is a kind of letter that is written by the school’s administration to parents of the child in an attempt to seek permission from them. This permission letter is kept as proof by the school which it can use whenever it is required to prove that the school took the child along with the permission of the parents of the child and the school did not force the child.

Importance of writing the permission letter for the picnic:

The school is not allowed to take the children anywhere unless the parents of all the students allow them to go. This is useful for the school also. For example, if the child is having a medical condition, the parents will not allow the child to go with the school. In this way, the school will save itself from the problem of handling the child who is not physically fit. Even if the parents decide to let their child go with a medical condition, they will definitely be required to tell the school about it.

In case of any unpleasant event, the school can tell the parents that whatever was happened was natural and that school has not done anything deliberately.

Tips for writing the parent’s permission letter for the picnic:

  1. As soon as you start the letter, tell the parents that you want to take all the students of your child’s grade on a picnic and therefore, the school needs their permission.
  2. The picnic spot information should be provided because sometimes, the permission of the parents depends on how far you are planning to take their child.
  3. Mention the purpose of taking the children for a picnic. For example, if you think that students need a break from a tiring routine of studies and should feel fresh, you should specify this reason in the permission letter.

Sample letter:

Name of parents:
Address of parents
Contact details:

Date of writing the letter:

Name of the school

Dear parents,

As you know that your child Richard is enrolled in our school in grade 5, our school has decided to hold a picnic party at the end of the session. The purpose of this event is to enable our students to feel fresh and whole again.

Our main objective is to take the students away from the congestion of the classroom so that they can breathe in the fresh air. Students are tired of hectic studies routine and therefore, need a real escape for some time.

According to the schedule of the school, all the students will be taken to the picnic on 31st March 20XX. Hence, we are writing this letter to formally ask you to allow your child to go with us.

We would like to tell you that you can communicate with us within 10 days. After that, we will stop receiving parents’ permission.

In case you have any doubts or you are afraid of any kind of bad event, you can ask us for clarification. We have a dedicated staff that handles the queries of the parents. You can contact us on the official phone number of the school. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


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