Payroll Error Letter to Employee

What is a payroll error letter to the employee?

It becomes a very sensitive matter when you make a mistake in the payroll. In this situation, you cause inconvenience to the employee, and therefore, you write a payroll error letter in which you apologize for the error.

In general, employees often write the apology letter to their boss because they often commit the mistake. However, employers can also admit the mistake showing that they are not evading the responsibility.

Importance of writing the payroll error letter to employee:

Companies often make mistakes in the payroll they issue to their employees every month. There is a proper way that needs to be followed to deal with the error in the payroll. The most common and effective way is to write the payroll error letter letting the employee know that whatever error he has seen in the payroll is a mistake made by the employer unintentionally.

These days, most companies use the software for generating payroll. These payrolls are considered to be accurate when they are issued with the help of the software. However, sometimes the software makes the mistake or the data in the software is not input in the correct way that results in calculating less salary and more leaves recorded.

How to write the payroll error letter to the employee?

When you have been tasked to write the payroll error letter to the employee, you can follow the tips given below:

Apologize for the error:

This letter is usually written in response to the complaint received by the employee when he sees the error in the payroll. Therefore, you should mention that complaint and then apologize at the very start of the letter about the error. You should tell the employee that the error that has been seen in the payroll was not a deliberate act of the company and that the company is sorry for the inconvenience.

Tell the whole situation:

You can specify the reason in this letter that why the error occurred in the payroll. Although it is not mandatory to specify the reason, when you give the reason, you can make the employee know the entire situation and understand it well.

Although the employee already knows about the kind of error, you should explain it again in the letter so that both parties can reassure the kind of error.

Assure the employee about resolving the issue:

Your apology does not matter if you don’t resolve the issue. Therefore, you should assure the employee that the error that has been seen in the payroll will be corrected as soon as possible and that you are looking into the matter with personal interest When you tell the employee that you are resolving his issue, he will accept your apology.

Apology again at the end:

Finally, when you are about the close the letter, make sure that you do it on a positive note.

Sample payroll letter to employee:


Name of the employee

Designation of the employee in the company

Subject: Payroll error:

Dear Mr/Mrs. ABC,

I am writing this letter to apologize for the error in the payroll due to which, the company did not pay you the salary of the last month. This kind of error has never been seen before and therefore, the company was unaware of it. I want to let you know that the error occurred due to a fault in the software the company uses for the automatic calculation of the payroll. I am sorry for the inconvenience that has been caused to you because of the buggy software.

I would like to request you to write the complaint letter to the manager of the company as well as the owner so that your issue can be resolved by keeping it on the highest priority. I assure you that your salary will be correctly calculated and will be delivered to you. I have already registered your complaint with complaint number [X].

I am again apologizing to you for the inconvenience that you have gone through. I assure you that this will not happen again.




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