Paper Misuse in Office Memo to Employees

What is paper misuse in the office memo?

A memorandum, also known as a memo is a formal document that employers in the company use to communicate newly formulated rules, policies, decisions, and whatnot. In a business setting, the memo is a very versatile kind of source of communication. It is important to note that the memo is never written with long details as it only contains a short and brief message. 

This is a specific type of memo in which, the employer tells his employees that they should not misuse the paper. In this memo, the employer tries to make everyone believe that sensible use of paper should be ensured. 

What is the purpose of paper misuse in the office memo?

Memorandums have two purposes. One purpose is to bring a particular matter to everyone’s attention. In this particular memo, the employer tries to tell this everyone that paper misuse has become a major problem of the world and every single person can play his role in solving this problem. 

Another objective of this memo is to spread or communicate new information like a new policy to everyone. So, when the employer wants everyone to be conscious about the misuse of paper, he can write the memo to everyone working in the office.

How to write the paper misuse in office memo?

If you have to write the memo and you have never written it before, you can follow the instructions given below:

Greet everyone:

Your memo should show that you are being respectful towards everyone instead of being commanding. You can use the term such as ‘’Dear’’ or ‘’Respected’’ to address the staff working in your office. When you greet everyone, you make it possible to capture the attention of everyone working in the office.

Give the background:

After receiving the memo, everyone must be thinking about their purpose in writing it. Therefore, you should write the memo by giving a little introduction first. For example, since this memo is being written for preventing paper misuse, try to give some facts regarding paper misuse. If you think that it is perilous for the environment to waste paper so much, must specify it in the memo.

Make an announcement:

Many of the memorandums are written just to make an announcement. So, you should never forget the purpose behind writing this memo and make a formal announcement. The announcement should be clear to everyone and the choice of words in it should be appropriate. If you don’t make the right selection of words, no one will take your announcement seriously.

Provide the alternate solution:

If you are asking your staff to not use the paper much unless it is extremely important, you should also provide an alternative solution. For example, as soon as you request them to not misuse the paper, tell them to use electronic and digital platforms for communication purposes. To make everyone follow your memo, appreciate them in advance.

Sample memo:

To: The office staff

From: Managing director of Company ABC

Regarding: Misuse of paper in the office

Respected staff,

I am glad to inform you all that we have devised a policy in the company according to which, we will prevent the misuse of paper in the office. We all know that paper is manufactured with the help of trees. When we waste paper, we waste trees. Therefore, we should try to make sure that we make the minimum use of paper in the office.

I have seen so much paper wastage during my last visit to all the offices of the company. I was so sad and depressed to see that no one seemed to bother with the wastage of paper. The paper misuse not only creates a mess in the office but also causes damage to the environment. Therefore, I would like to remind all of you not to misuse the paper. Any kind of communication can be carried out electronically. Additionally, notes can also be taken digitally.

I hope that you will acknowledge the step taken by the company in an attempt to save the environment.


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