One Week Leave Application due to Family Event

Leave application is an official and formal way of taking a break from work for a certain time period. It is followed in educational terms as well as official terms. In order to take leave this thing is of great importance that your leave application should be approved by your boss. In case if they do not accept your leave request then you are not allowed to take any leave. Therefore, the thing that matters is to state a solid and genuine reason.

There are many important things in making a leave application format. To convince the employer, an employee has to follow a particular kind of process.

In the first section, it is important to describe all the details regarding the employer and mention clearly that you want to take leave for a particular reason. The mentioned reason should be solid and good in order to convince the boss.

In the second section, you have to mention the details of the done projects that you have accomplished successfully. Mention this that you are consigning the responsibility of pending projects to some responsible colleague.

In the last section, there should be mentioned of some appraising ad grateful words. In case of need, you have to provide your contact number and email.

Sample Letter

Martin Luther
Manchester Main Office
8990 Main Street
Manchester, Valley Stream 9876

Subject: One Week Leave Application to Boss for a Family Event

Dear Mr. Luther,

I would like to ask you for a formal leave that will consist of seven days from 12-08-20XX to 18-08-20XX and I will join you back on 19-08-20XX. The reason for my leave is the family event. My sister is tying the knot on 12-08-20XX and I must take hold of all the responsibilities. As this moment comes once in a lifetime and everyone wants to make it memorable with some good memories, so right after the next day of her marriage, we all are going on Malaysia tour.

During this time, I will remain available if I am of any help to you. I can be contacted through emails and I will answer all the concerned queries. If this application gets approved, then I will assist you in tackling the workload in my absence.

If you want me to relinquish my work to someone else in the office, we can manage that. I will ask Mr. Neil to take old of my work during my leave days as when he was on leave, I had accomplished his ask and he knows my work’s condition very well.

I am quite satisfied with all the facilities that are provided here to employees. During my six years of joining here, I have not taken a single leave without informing. I would be highly obliged to you for granting me this favor and hope that you will positively respond to my request for leave. 


Edward Jones

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