Explanation Letter for Security Negligence

An explanation letter is basically a short document that is used to elaborate on anything in your employment or financial documents. When an employee does any wrongdoing and goes against the laws set by any company then the head of the company seeks an explanation from the concerned person. It provides detailed reasons amid the asked matter.

When an employee explanation is demanded then he/she has to take responsibility for their actions and have to state clearly that what those circumstances were that caused the mistake. It clearly focuses on the concerned person’s role in mistake by summarizing some back-story, outline the plan, and then apologize clearly. 

It is the duty of the company’s head to inquire about the matter and ask for an explanation from the employee. Instead of putting the matter orally to a concerned person, asking for an explanation letter is a more beneficial and suitable way.

When an explanation letter is asked from the employee then this thing comes under the official record and the employee avoids further repeating the mistake. There can be a number of reasons for asking an explanation to the employee. It can be because of some bankruptcy, negligence from duty, uninformed leave, and resigning without information.

Following is a sample of explanation letters regarding security negligence that will provide a clear idea of how to write it in a letter form to ask for an explanation from a person or employee. 

Sample Letter      

8th August 20XX

Stephen Lucy
ABC Branch
11-933 Street
(1111) 2345-6788

Subject: Explanation letter for security negligence

Dear Mr. Lucy,

I am Jacob Paul, the manager director of the XYZ company in which you are currently pursuing your job. I am penning down this letter to have an explanation from you regarding your negligence towards office security.

I have been receiving many complaints against you for the last two months and this letter is to seek an explanation from you regarding your dereliction of duty. I have informed through reliable resources that you are showing negligence in performing your duty and last week the company went through a big loss from this attitude of yours.

Gentleman this kind of negligence is unacceptable in the company. The company has established its reputation after a lot of hard work. You were given a verbal and written warning, but you didn’t give an ear to this. This letter is an official proceeding by demanding an explanation from you. Your coworkers have also complaint against you that you show laziness in performing the duty. You have been given a salary for your hard work but now you are lacking interest in your job.

You are therefore ordered to come tomorrow with an explanation letter of what has been asked from you. The company understands the problem of its employees, but it cannot put risk to its security on behalf of negligence from your side. Hope that you will follow what has been told you. This time I am demanding an explanation but next time without a second chance, you will be liberated from the job. I want you to visit me in the office tomorrow along with an explanation letter and bring it with you. Thank you.


Jacob Paul

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