Letter to Customer on Removal as Supplier

A letter is basically a written message that is used to convey a message from one person to another person through a proper channel. A letter to the customer is written from suppliers to customers to give profound and detailed information about the product. When someone owns a business then he/she would need to write letters to their customers. They may tell them of new products, quality of products and new events, or they respond to customer’s complaints on behalf of their company. 

The tone for writing a letter to the customer must be professional and appealing, nonetheless of the audience. To write a letter to customers you have to choose the selection of good words and adjustable language based on to whom you are contending to write.

If you are writing for the humanities department at another business, then the tone for it must be quite formal and if you are contending to write to a peculiar customer then casual language can be used.

Instead of putting the matter orally to a related person, letter writing is a more favorable and suitable way. When you send a letter to customers then this comes under the official record and at the time of urgency, it can be shown. Below is a sample for writing a letter to a customer who wants to remove us as supplier/vendor and its format has been set for the same purpose.  

Sample Letter

10 August 20XX

Ralph Jackson
Manchester, St.456

Subject: Review letter of services and company motive

Dear Mr. Jackson,

My hopes look into your good health. I am Richard Andrew and we are on good business terms with you for the last four years. Recently, I came to know that you don’t want to take supplies from us anymore and it was no less than a shock to me. Your orders of this month were about to accomplish, and we were ready to dispatch it but now you no longer want us as suppliers. We are thankful for your purchase from us. I want to give a detailed account of the product that was soon to be dispatched. 

The items encompassed were brand new and had left us in flawless condition and we were hoping that they will reach to you in the same condition. XYZ brand has been acknowledged since the last thirty years and our complete range including accessories and threads can be glimpsed on our website too. If due to any reason, we had not fulfilled your expectations then you should not have hesitated to inform and contact us about this. We try our best to make customers feel satisfied with our outright best work. 

Before removing us as suppliers you could feedback us as it is important for us as sellers and thus, we come to know if we are doing well and how we can improve further. 

We are sorry for giving any kind of inconvenience to you. You are telling us at the eleventh hour of the order to be canceled while it’s all ready. You can let us know if we want to improve our products and where we are lacking. If you have any queries related to this, you can contact us via email or through the phone.


Richard Andrew 

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