Notification Letter to Shipper for Incomplete Merchandise

When a company places an order and receives either incomplete, unwanted or damaged shipment, it writes a letter to the shipper and informs about the issue. In addition, it informs the shipper that the company is returning the order as it is not up to the company requirements. The shipper, to whom the letter is addressed, may be an individual person running a sole proprietorship or another company.

Through this letter, the company makes a formal notification to the shipper to inform about the return of the shipment. The company may decide to return the merchandise for several reasons such as:

  • The merchandise is incomplete.
  • The merchandise is incorrect or wrong or unwanted.
  • The merchandise is damaged or broken.
  • The merchandise received is not required by or useful to the company.

In some scenarios, if there is an issue with the merchandise, the company would ask for the corrective action by the shipper. For instance, if the company ordered 12 tables and received only 10, it might hold the payment but keep the 10 tables and request for 2 more. In other situations, due to the company policies or severity of order issue, the company might want to simply return the merchandise and may or may not order again.

The general format of the letter is:

  • Date
  • Details of the company.
  • Details of the shipper.
  • The issue with the merchandise.
  • Inform about the return of the merchandise.
  • If the half or full payment has been made, the refund is to be requested.

The letter should clearly inform about the returning of the merchandise and the reason for the return so that the relationship with the shipper does not get broken completely.

Sample 1

This letter is to bring in your attention that our order of 30 table mats was inappropriate as received by us. Ten of the mats have black laces around the order side which was certainly not required as we had clearly mentioned that white laces at the outer side are to be applied. With respect to this, we are duly returning in all the 30 mats to you overnight. Please credit my account with $450/- which includes both the shipping and handling costs. There is no need for another delivery.

Sample 2

Our order of furniture proved to be an inconvenient one. We had ordered for 10 wooden chairs but had received a shipment of 10 wrought iron chairs instead. This was not required by us so we are duly returning all the chairs to you. Please credit my account with the shipping and handling costs incurred as another delivery is not required.

Sample 3

Another of your deliveries has cost us a lot. Our order of 30 boxes was not dealt with properly. Many of the boxes are damaged and hence are useless for us. We are returning you the shipment with a notice that we won’t require another delivery by you. Enclosed is the receipt of costs incurred by us. Please credit the mentioned amount.


Notification Letter to Shipper for Incomplete Merchandise


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