Recommendation Letter for a Product or Services

In the commencement of the business activities, there often arises a need to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of a product or service in terms of cost, saved time, saved effort, usefulness, etc. After the evaluation, a letter is written to recommend the best product or service. The letter can be written by:

  • An employee to his employer who has requested for the evaluation of a product or a service as per the employee expertise.
  • A company to the client or business partner with whom the company is starting a business project and who have requested the suggestion of a good product or service.

In both scenarios, the general format of the letter is:

  • Date
  • Details of the employee or company.
  • Details of the company or client.
  • Statement to show why the recommendation is being extended.
  • Details of the product or services being recommended.
  • The reason behind its recommendation.
  • Statement to show the confidence in the product or service.
  • Statement to show the benefits the product or service will bring along.
  • Evidence to show the expertise and competence of the person recommending the product or service.

The letter needs to be written with professionalism. It should present the persuasive details but not in a forceful way. In addition, the evaluation, analysis, and recommendation of a product or service should portray that the person’s recommendation is comprehensive and worth considering.

Sample -1

This letter is in response to your request for the order of office computer systems. I have had a detailed research in this regard and have concluded that the best computer systems can be bought from ABC. The company has been into this business from the past 15 years and has successfully developed systems that are cost effective. They use less electric energy. These systems are believed to work at a much fast pace than others in the market.

I hope you will consider my suggestion. Looking forward to a positive reply.

Sample -2

I am writing you this letter with respect to your order of Chillers. After close examination and research, the best probable brand, in my opinion, is XYZ. This chiller is very user-friendly. It has a built-in function of reconfirmation of any instruction given. These chillers come up with a 10-year compressor and 5-year parts warranty. Moreover, they are well suited to our budget. With no compromise with respect to quality, I believe that this is best for our company.

I am hopeful to hear positive from you very soon.

Sample -3

This letter is with respect to the purchase of office stationery items. I believe that company ABC is the most reasonable one in this respect. They not only offer a wide range of stationery items but also provide them at the most reasonable prices. The quality of the items is also very good as it is said to be believed as long-lasting. We had earlier made a purchase from SWB but that did not end up being fruitful. I suggest that this time we go on making our purchases with ABC so as to avoid any mishaps.

I hope that you will consider my recommendation.


Recommendation Letter for a Product or Services