No Due Certificate Request Letter

Re. Request for No Due Certificate

Dear Sir, I am writing this letter to request a no-due certificate in which it could be clear that I have cleared all my previous dues and there is nothing pending to be paid to me. I am a former student of your university and have studied [name the program] in the prestigious department of [name the department] in the session [mention the session].

It was one of the wonderful and most memorable times for me that I spent here in your institute. It added a lot of skills to my personality and made me capable of the challenges of professional and practical life.

For my admission to an international school, I need a no-due certificate in which it is certified that I, being a previous student, have no financial obligations to the institute. Moreover, the certificate should reflect my responsibility toward my obligations.

I request you to kindly issue this certificate at your earliest possible time so that I can get admission to the mentioned institute. I have to submit the certificate along with all other required documents before [date]. I have attached receipts of all my fee submissions for evidence.

Please be kind enough and direct the relevant person to issue a no-due certificate for me. If there is anything I need to do to support the application process like submitting other documents, please let me know at your earliest so that my application to the further do not halt.

I will be grateful.


[Name of the Student]
[Registration Number]
[Contact Number]

No Due Certificate Request Letter

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Subject: No-Due Certificate Request

To Whom It May Concern,

I am [name], the [name the designation] in your company. I am writing to request a no-due certificate to apply for a loan within the company which requires a no-due certificate from the senior finance manager of the company. However, the relevant department wants me to submit a letter of request approved by your department.

I have attached all the required documents including the receipt for the repayment of my previous loan (basic employment loans scheme). This certificate is required before [date], otherwise, my application time will expire and I will have to submit another application and reprocess all the proceedings to get the loan.

If there are any additional documents that I need to submit, please let me know as soon as possible. Having fulfilled all of my financial and professional obligations, I request you to consider the given short deadline for the issuance of the certificate.

I will be very thankful to you if you approve this request letter by undersigning the letter with your name, date, and official stamp. Thank you.






No Due Certificate Request Letter

Letter File (.doc) 39 Kb