Monthly Attendance Sheet for Employees

Monthly attendance sheet for employees is a worksheet in which record of their monthly attendance is maintained. This sheet marks their presence or absence in it for a number of purposes. This attendance sheet can produce a daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly report. This sheet is widely used all over the globe in many fields like in schools, offices, factories and even hospitals. The said sheet can be designed according to the need or requirement of the industry, it needs to be used in.

This sheet can prove to be extremely useful in places where a manager or the person in charge has to keep a close eye on the attendance of employees. One’s memory cannot be strong enough to remember who was present each day. In order to aid the manager, the monthly attendance sheet is used. This marks the arrival and departure time of each of the employees and marks the absence if any. This enables the person in charge to track and manage the level of participation by employees and even to calculate the hours worked. In this way, they can efficiently calculate the pay and reach to any problems.

If any company owner wants to have a glance at the attendance or activeness of his employees, all he needs to do is to make up a monthly attendance sheet and track the record in no time. For this, a template can prove to be handy.


This template sheet should start with the details like name of the department, branch or office that it relates to, the name of the manager supervising it and the month to which it belongs. The template sheet can be prepared by using columns. The first column should be allocated to the number of items that will be included. Second to the names or IDs of the employees and then there should be columns for each week, divided into each day. Each cell should be able to either bear the words present, absent or leave, or the time of arrival and departure. This depends upon the usage and requirement of the organization.


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Monthly Attendance Sheet for Employees

Monthly Attendance Sheet for Employees Template

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