Monthly Attendance Sheet for Employees

Employees working at any organization are bound to follow the rules and conditions of their work environment to maintain a healthy working environment. Every organization takes extra care to make sure that employees do not have complaints regarding their workplace so that they can be 100% productive.

Although the rules and regulations of different companies vary based on their policies, almost every company makes it compulsory for their employees to mark their attendance on each working day. These attendance systems help employers know their complete working force each day. A monthly attendance sheet is a document that is filled out by employees to mark their presence.

Managing the attendance of each employee is done by the Department of Human Resources, and it can prove to be a tedious task because the attendance of employees is required for payroll, productivity, and other formalities. Large organizations have hundreds of employees on their payroll, and monitoring their attendance each day can be very difficult.

Therefore, monthly attendance sheets are considered very helpful in large setups. For ease, huge organizations are divided into different departments conducting a specific task; thus, the attendance sheet for each department can be managed by a valued employee. This tactic makes sure that the presence of each employee is accounted for, regardless of their large number.

How do I design an attendance worksheet?

A monthly attendance sheet is a simple document that can be easily designed by following the below-mentioned steps:

  1. An attendance sheet is usually a grid of horizontal and vertical lines that have huge space to input the text related to the title of the document. Attendance sheets can either be prepared manually or in MS Excel, thus providing the template for incorporating information.
  2. Create a calendar for each month by labeling the top of each column with a date for the given month. Make sure that all the dates of a given month are arranged in tandem order and that no date is missing from the calendar.
  3. Identify each employee within the department and add their name to successive rows. Review the sheet repeatedly to ensure that no employee name is missing.
  4. Make it compulsory for every employee to mark their attendance on the following day while entering the building.
  5. At the end of the day, mark all the employees who were absent from work the following day.
  6. At the end of each month, count the total number of working days for each employee and deduce the results.
  7. Based on the working days of the employees, assign their pay for the month.
  8. Keep the attendance sheet safe for future reference.

Attendance sheets for employees are considered an essential tool for the following reasons:

  • Based on their attendance for a given month, their pay is decided.
  • It draws the complete picture of an employee’s working days; therefore, employees with below-average attendance are served with warning letters.
  • The monthly attendance record of each employee is collected in an organized manner, which can be used further.
  • The workforce for each day can be deduced by checking the attendance sheet for the presence of enough employees.

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Monthly Attendance Sheet for Employees

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